Monday, 31 March 2014

Lesson for men

Just last saturday I went out with my girlfriend to have some drinks
We weren't in the club nor (exactly) the bar
There were a few available tables but some were reserved
So I picked the inner spot so we wouldn't be disturbed by passer-by

After 30 minutes chatting with my girlfriend
Two loser men approached out of no where and I was shocked
Bear in mind that there were many people around us...

One blonde (German) and one colombian

German was asking if they could join us on the table
I did not know what to say but both of us just replied you are welcome

We really just were shocked at that very moment not knowing what to say...

German talked to me but I was not interested whatsoever!

In my honest opinion:
No matter how good looking you are but when one man was drunk,
You looked so bad, you annoyed all the women and you are the embarrassment to mankind
You looked dumb, you looked stupid and you even sounded like an a**h**
You called me childish and mean and I've said nothing much

Why on earth do I need to entertain this man?
I'm not childish because I refused to share my thoughts with you!
I'm not mean just because I dislike talking to you
Because whatever that's coming out of that mouth were drunk stupid talk!
So stop wasting my time.
That man managed to boil me up but I tried to keep it calm
Because man is a man...
I've no guarantee what's in their bloody mind at that time

After that incident...

I told my girlfriend to bail as he went to the loo
And another incident followed up (=.=")

An english man was F**ked-up and I could see from afar
But I pretended not knowing he was "There".

He approached and you guys would know how it felt for me to deal with D*****bags!

I didn't really want to talk much and I replied briefly
As little as I could!
He then called me "Arrogant" and he quotes "I know you're good looking"
"But you don't need to be arrogant"
Geez, I said "What the hell did I do or say to be arrogant and you don't even know me"
And he said "You don't need to do anything, it tells from your face"

I wasn't happy then...
I just refused to talked to him and I just shook my head and he left

Though you are somewhat attractive
You may not be as attractive as when you are sober
Don't even approached a man or woman when you are f***ked
No one likes annoying strangers
The word strangers are pretty much it
You don't need to add anything else
I don't hate strangers that are sober but I just hate those who are drunk as a skunk!

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