Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Planning a wedding in Bali? PART I

I've finally return from my trip in Australia. I have to say I LOVE AUSTRALIA! Anyways, let's get back to wedding talk. Since there are many couples out there planning to have a wedding in Bali, I'd be honored to share with you my experiences with the vendors I picked. Don't sweat because they are all reputable and guaranteed the best service. 

If you are planning to have a wedding in Bali, you need to bear in mind that Wedding in Bali is rather expensive. It is either you are super loaded or you are the type who would prefer an intimate wedding gathered with only close friends and family. With this post, I'll drop a rough idea about the cost you will have to pay. 

It is never too late to plan your own wedding and have only the wedding planner to help you 3 months prior to your big day. If you have the time of your life to be doing it (planning) then do it! I did my part, It wasn't easy but you learn so much from it. If you are planning to have someone help you from beginning to the end, you will need to expect accepting some vendors recommended by your wedding planner. And because I 'Fired' wedding planner (If you haven't read my previous post, do refer HERE and HERE) in the end I got the wedding I dreamt of having, WITHOUT HER.

If you are planning to hire 'Wedding planner on the day only', they will help you build your run down. All you need to do for yourself is to meet up and talk to your vendors of your choice. Make sure they are legit and as soon as you paid deposit, jot them down in your organizer and make a list. So it will be easier for you to send them all together to your Wedding planner. 

Here are the list of vendors we had on our wedding (I will also show some photos, they weren't the best but I patted myself on my back because I made it all happen):
  • Wedding Planner: Bali Dream Day (Kiki)
  • Decorator: Bali Wedding Florence (Susy)
  • Food & Beverage: Kori Restaurant (Fheny)
  • Entertainment/Band: The Soul Entertainment (Putri)
  • Photography/Videography/Cinematography: Apel Photography (Pande)
  • Photobooth: Photo Story Bali
  • Cake: Ixora
  • Balloon: Smile Balloon & Party Shop (Zsolt Bartos)

My wedding went smoothly thanks to all the vendors who worked very professionally with me. Conversation with them were very pleasant and easy. The best vendor was my photographer, Pande Kadek Heryana and crew. They were young and talented people. Their rate aren't as expensive as others and they provide you a stunning and memorable photos. Check them out HERE! Since we took all package with them, we received a book of about 100 pages of our photo printed. It is beautiful and also it came with USB and CD for the other photos and also videos. Be ready to spend from *USD3500 (Pre-wedding, Wedding and Videography). Price changes every year so drop by if you want to get the new rate. He's a nice guy and super friendly!

Kiki, Our wedding planner is young and ambitious. As soon as I fired my old planner, I started the conversation very quickly with kiki as we didn't have much time left. Kiki and her crew were very good. Click HERE for the rate! If you wanted a rehearsal (a day before the wedding), there's an extra charges of *Rp. 1million (approx. SGD100). It is optional for you! Every wedding needs a blessing ceremony, bear in mind it would be an additional *Rp. 3million (approx. SGD300). My husband and I were very happy with the priest. He is good and very fluent with english. If you are interested, please refer to Kiki about it. Kiki's coordination fee cost *Rp. 9million (approx. SGD900). 

There are 6 more vendors left to talk about. Wait for the next post if you are interested to have your wedding in Bali. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to drop me a message :) 


*Prices are subject to change without prior notice

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