Thursday, 3 January 2013

Dexter - Season 7

The last season of TV series "Dexter" (season 7) definitely needed a little more work. I wouldn't expect that they would killed off LaGuerta as she was also one of the main character in Dexter. Everything in season 7 were a tad rushing but it was nice to see Doakes in the last episode of season 7. 

I was a tad confused when everyone were saying its the Season finale. Does that mean they are going to stop Dexter for good now or are they going to continue with season 8 this year? I was looking out on IMDB and apparently they states season 8 in year 2013. Therefore I'm assuming that it isn't the season finale. Boy am I glad it isn't over!

I hope season 8 will be a little better than season 7. Writers need more story to back up dexter's role. 

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