Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Wine Connection - Cheese Bar

How much do you like the new interior design of the new Wine Connection Cheese Bar at Robertson walk? What about the new machine to melt the cheese when you are having a raclette dinner?

I love the new concept with tons of  cheese on display in the fridge. There are so many but goat and blue cheese are my least favorite. Apart from the nicely decorated cheese in the bar, it is also a little more cozy compared to the previous one.

I mentioned about the machines, I was pretty unhappy with the inconvenient new machine they provided us. As you can see from the picture of the melting  cheese, we have to place a plate underneath and let it melt as you munch. They melted rather quickly! On top of the cheese that looks like a clip is the heater. They are very hot!!! Yes, I did not enjoy the new raclette concept. The old version was like a pan with mini tray like a pizza knife to allow you to place the cheese that was provided in thin pieces. Of course,  less heaty too!

Apart from that,  old raclette used to be free flow for the price of SGD 25++ and now SGD45++ without free flow. They boys were still hungry and  there goes the new *Menu*. FYI, one block of cheese is for 2 pax.

How do you like the new Wine Connection Cheese Bar?

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