Friday, 24 May 2013

Euro Trip

Returning from a long getaway in Asia, It was totally breathtaking
In fact, I am a little exhausted from too much getaway!
It felt good to be home and I know I've missed out a couple of post I should be updating
Since my return from Paris, I didn't really have the time to be posting
I must admit it ain't that easy to be posting from my android...
My trip to Paris was magique
Yes, it was my very first trip to Paris so I was very excited
I often wonder what it was like to be in what we call "The city of love and lights"
I often wonder what it felt like to be in a chilly country
I often wonder what french people cook and eat
A lot of wonder I must say!

We spent 3 weeks in Europe and we managed to go to Geneva
Before we got to Geneva to meet up with friends, we spent a week in Combloux
Guess what, I made it to my very first Snowboarding!
A lot of first this year ;)
It was one hella tiring exercise
I was sweating like a pig while learning how to snowboard
But overall, I had a very good experience playing with the snow like a kid!

Spending 3 weeks in Europe seemed to be a little too LONG!
I was often sleepy due to the weather
I was always lazy to get up to do things, darn the weather really!
But that didn't stop me from going to the city for some quality shopping time
Champs-Elysees was HEAVEN ON EARTH!
I got tired walking though...
They were just to big to be shopping around but a woman shouldn't be complaining ;)
After all, it was one big retail therapy!

People often tells me that I will never get to see no snow falling from the sky
I was in fact very disappointed to hear that
One of my wish actually came true...
One fine morning, my partner woke me up to say "It's a beautiful day out there, Open your eyes"
I was hesitated to wake up, It was such a good weather to just snuggle in bed then.

I moved the curtains and looked out the window
With my eyes bright wide open, I said out loud "OMG, IT'S SNOWING, IT'S SNOWING!!!"
And he said to me "See, I told you it's a beautiful day"
I was then so eager to be out to see.
A day went by and to everyone's surprised, It did snow for the whole day
My partner told me that I was very lucky to see Paris snowing for a day
Because Paris rarely snow AND even if it did, It could happen for an hour or so...

I'm Fully Blessed, Thank you god for the beautiful opportunity

I wish I could visit Paris again during Christmas
Because many says it is BEAUTIFUL with tons of lights lighting Paris
Let's wait and hope my wish will come true :) AGAIN!

 Famous Mont Blanc 

A walk to remember in Champs-Elysses

I even get to watch Paris Saint Germaine AND DAVID BECKHAM in action!

Breathtaking Mont Blanc and Myself

Fresh from the market, Thanks to his dad!

Beautiful Scenery at the famous Chateau De Versailles  

Beautiful church in Geneva

Once upon a tea time in Laduree

Make a wish and never stop wishing ;)

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