Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Escapde to Sulawesi (Siladen Island, Indonesia)

 Another escapade in Indonesia
Few weeks ago I visited Sulawesi for the first time
I was very excited and also worried
Ok, worried about what???

I've never really heard any of my friends been to Sulawesi
Maybe one or two of them
Though they came to say it was good but you are always reluctant to believe
Not that you don't believe what they said!
Just the fact that sometimes you expect more from it

What can I say about Sulawesi?
Magnificent and Beautiful

My partner and I took a flight from Singapore to Manado with Silkair
Apparently, it is the only airline flies from Singapore to Manado
Journey took us approximately 3 hours and 40 minutes

We stayed in Manado for 3 nights and we headed to Siladen Island
Siladen is a very small island 
It consists of maybe 3 good resorts and they are not a big resort
We picked Tanta Moon Resort and we had the Chalet room

I guess picture tells a thousand words don't they?
I have more than one ;)
So you do the math!

The chalet is new and it is WAY EASY access to the beach
Clear blue sea, nothing more you need in this island
A few feet swim, you will see corals and fish
Beautiful fish!

Our package came with 3 meals a day 
They served a decent amount of food everyday
Many fish and many Vegetables

Enjoyed the sunset so much we would kill to stay longer
We actually extend another night!
But it costs us EUR120

Try out Siladen island, better yet... Bunaken Island
It is just opposite each other and Bunaken is a very famous island
Of course with beautiful beach
Whereas Bali is famous for its surfing and night life

Take a little vacation there and I'll guarantee you want nothing more than beach

The pier in Siladen Island : The beautiful Sunset and I

A few steps away from the beach (View from our chalet)

Panoramic view of our chalet (I apologize for the Mosaic figure on the left)

 My partner diving close to Bunaken Island and Manado Tua Island

Jumping with joy overlooking the beautiful sea

There were so many female dogs around and they weren't fed
I fed them everyday and was sad to leave them
Nobody cares for them and I don't know why
I've contacted and reported this issue in one of the website I found
To seek for help...
But there's no news whatsoever
Anyone can help with this matter? 
Please let me know, Appreciate the help!

We bought 5 decoration masks and they weren't cheap!
Two ladies came from Bunaken Island with boat
They were selling souvenirs 
I was very delighted with the masks
Some say it's creepy but to me it's ART!

The Sea and I, we bonded :)

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