Wednesday, 12 June 2013

French brunch at O'Batignolles Singapore

Don't we all love to have a brunch in the weekend?
I haven't had it in a while now and just last weekend I managed to go to one!
O'Batignolles is a Bar and a Restaurant located in Gemmill Lane (Club Street)

We ordered two set of Brunch A la Parisienne at a price of SGD29
The set comes with Two eggs with a choice of poached or scrambled
With bacon, english muffin and salad
French loves bread!
We also had a basket of bread:
Croissant, chocolate bread and baguette
With a choice of either coffee or tea (I had green rose jasmine tea)
It also comes with Orange Juice!

Ok! Here comes the comments...
I love how it makes you feel like you are in france
(Apart from the road side and humidity in Singapore)
I also love the preparation of the food
We had a pretty small table for two and it didn't fit the whole stuff on the table
First, they served the tea and juice and came a long the assorted bread
We didn't get to the finish line and they served the biggest plate
They could have waited for us to get the bread done...
It wasn't a big issue but something could have changed

We had both poached eggs
As you can see from the picture, the eggs weren't poached nicely
They were close to being cook 
The egg yolks were supposed to break and melt once you cut
But they were still and nothing ooze out

To our surprised, 2 sets of egg from my plate and my partner were the same
I only managed to finish just one...
My comments : If your bar serves mainly poached egg,
and if you served bad poached egg,
How do you want your customers to return?
I'm sure a lot of people would love to eat poached egg for brunch

I would love to return only when they have skillfully master how to make poached egg
Apart from that, it was all good :)

P.S: Would also preferred a different dressing for the salad ;)
All the best!

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