Friday, 5 December 2014

I want to go back to Perth (PART ONE)

Just a couple of months back, My partner and I visited Perth for the first time
We were there for 4 nights and it was way too short :(
We visited couple places in Perth and we had so much fun

From amazing dinner to whale watching and lots of other activities!

Our first night (we arrived pretty late), we were starving and was looking for food
We drove around Mount Lawley (where we stayed) and stumbled upon this crowded restaurant
Bivouac Canteen and Bar is a must place to visit for a good food and service
We ordered a little too much and I ended up passing the food to my partner
The weather in Perth was a blessing, we had such a beautiful day cruising around
I had my itinerary with me and we headed to Araluen Botanic Garden
It took us around 40 minutes to get there
With such a beautiful day, We didn't mind how long it took us to drive :)
Along the way to Araluen, we spotted one wild kangaroo (what a beautiful sight)
I thought we would be seeing more but that was it

Araluen is beautiful with tons of roses everywhere
We also spotted duck and ducklings in the pond dipping in the water

Things we didn't know, when we arrived end of october there were tons of flies around
It was almost the beginning of summer but the night was still very cold (16degree)
Most of the time especially outside perth city, there were many flies following us everywhere
It was very annoying and I hate flies!
There are many beaches in Perth to visit
Famous one are Scarborough, Frementle, Cottesloe, City Beach and so on
I thought perhaps the famous one are easy to find/go, we would start off with somewhere far
To have itinerary is always a good idea to know what to do the next day
Don't you think?
So we went to Burns beach and it took us about 30 minutes to get there
Traffic in Perth is amazing
Everybody drives in a good phase
No one was ever racing in highway like most asian countries haha!
We enjoyed the sunny day with breezy weather
It was so good I could taste the sea :)

Having a car in Perth is a MUST!
Without it, you have no freedom to go wherever you want
Public transport are not as convenient as Sydney
PLUS, cab fare are very expensive!
Just a quick note, do yourself a favor and get a driving license ;)
After a good tour of the day (it was an easy first day)
We went to Must Wine Bar, I made an appointment before we got to Perth tho
We were actually very happy with the food
It was rather $$$$$ but the portion was big (Aussie style/size)
I always ended up passing the food, once again!
Ordered a bottle of red with amazing dessert to share
We ended the night with happy tummy!

On a sunday morning, we got up pretty early to get to Hillary's Harbour
We arrived a tad too early actually :D
I refused to be late so we got up early and waited in the car at the harbour
How silly of me...

Yet another sunny day but the sea was rather choppy :(
The last time we went for such activities was when we were in Sydney
But instead of whale, we had dolphin watch but to our disappointment;
There was no dolphins at all :(
We took Mill's charters to do whale watch because we were guaranteed to see whale!
The watch lasted about 4 hours...
A VERY LONG HOURS INDEED...................!
Our an hour ride to the whale watch, we bumped at a whale carcass (Yes, as seen on TV)
The sea was so choppy that our boat was going side ways... It was terrible
But I wasn't feeling sick (Just yet)
The carcass was smelling so bad; after inspection, we took off again to find live whale
After a long journey trying to spot whales, I started feeling sick....
So sick I wish I could just let it out in the water but I required to do that in a paper bag
Mill's charters provides them, So don't worry!
You had no idea how tiring it was to gaze at the sea for so long with choppy sea...
In the end my body gave up and so I LET IT GO!

I felt little better and we finally spotted mother and baby whale
They were very shy... I wish to see them jumped off the water
Or at least wave to say Hello or goodbyes haha
Well, I guess at that moment I just want to go back to solid ground
I'm not as adventurous as others but I wish I was...
I felt so happy that the trip wasn't a waste of time gazing at the sea and get sea sick
It was worth the sickness haha...

After a crazy boat ride, It was time to just laze at Hillary's Beach with a pack of Sandwich
(Homemade sandwich ;))

To be Continued...

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