Wednesday, 10 December 2014

I want to go back to Perth (PART THREE)

Our last day in Perth was another beautiful day
Blue sky, Sunny day and wonderful day well spent

We checked out early from our place and decided to find the London Court
One of the attraction in Perth city
It was a little alley of London
Very tiny and it took only a minute to walk through it all

We didn't spend much time in there as it was pretty crowded
After checking through London court we went to the famous fish market!
 The Fish Market at Fremantle was very crowded
But I'd say not as crowded as the one in Sydney

It was easy to find a spot to sit but mostly under the shade with no sun light :(
It was pretty windy and cold with no sun 
I was on the look out for seat with umbrella!
 While waiting for the available sunny side seat
I was waiting on any available seat and after waited for a few minutes
Some people left and so i moved from one seat to another
Finally, I got the best spot!!!

We enjoyed the view and the sun
I enjoyed it with the food and a glass of hot Chai Latte
 Seagulls were EVERYWHERE!
They often took opportunity to steal your food
AS SOON AS you got off the table
They were as fast as lightning bolt!
 There were a few Fish market in Fremantle
I have to say that we enjoyed more of Sydney's fish market
Perth and Sydney has differences when it comes to fish market

Perth is more like a restaurant
(We went to Kaili's Fish Market)
Sydney is like a real fish market
They have simply EVERYTHING in Sydney
Sashimi, Oysters and a whole lot!

Perth has a very limited menu...
But we enjoyed the day just relaxing and chatting away

 After dunked down tons of fries, fish and prawns
We headed to the famous Kings Park Botanic Gardens

I have to say that we love it!
It was our few hours left in Perth and we refused to leave!
We drove up to the top and Kings Park is way too big to explore in such a short amount of time

So we decided to just find a spot 
Take some shots!
And nap...
What a comfortable grass to be on...
We didn't want to leave :(

It was really hard to leave Perth
We wished we had more time to do more things
I was very happy I get to taste such delicious food in Perth
Finally, I got to witness the amazing mother whale and baby whale
(Not up close but STILL)

Thank you PERTH and we will be back!
Hopefully not too long :D

P.S: I'll be needing a new pro camera to take even better photos!

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