Thursday, 15 October 2015

More on Bali Wedding Butler with emails exchange between us

It is funny that when someone wrote a negative review on tripadvisor, Tripadvisor members would share their own wedding story with my "Fired" Wedding planner and complimented her in the best possible way. In the middle of their compliments on her, they would say "something is not right with this post". DUDE, tripadvisor members have rights to share their experiences and what benefit do i get to create a "not right" story? I'm not working for anybody! I'm strictly a client who was mistreated badly by her. Just because she is tickling mostly Caucasian, European and American + Australian, that doesn't she will be flawless. Every now and then, when you made a mistake especially mistreating your clients, you bound to get negative reviews.

When you posted reviews on tripadvisor website and when you gave a ONE STAR review to hotel/restaurant/villa etc and other people gave a big fat FIVE STAR, do we call you a liar? do we call you out and say "something isn't right with his/her story because i had amazing time". NO! We are not forced to write our experiences. It is to show people that certain people can be very irresponsible and that they have to be extra careful. They might have had hundreds of client but that doesn't mean they are always perfect. You can always b*tch about your clients but if you are professional, you wouldn't abandoned your client right in the middle of the arrangement, especially after we paid deposit to her.

Just because all of them had a beautiful ending with her, that doesn't mean my stories were fake. If you had a terrible moment with a Wedding Planner and exactly like how my partner and i went thru, you wished to share the experience so others will not be treated that way. I do not care if anybody WILL listen to my story but there are flaws with Bali Wedding Butler. And the flaws she made were very unpleasant and unprofessional.

Because I couldn't share my conversation with her via tripadvisor, here are the screenshots (Sorry for the quality as i didn't know how to print screen via Mac but i finally found how to do it and there's a couple with clear view:

1. Desyana from Bali Wedding Butler quoted that she had already emailed Kathryn the GM of Villa agent. but look at what Kathryn's reply to me...

2. Kathryn said otherwise...  and i replied to her immediately.

3. She started to be rude at the end. It was not done on purpose when my husband sent her the email that he had forgotten to sign his name. but we have our own individual email address so i think it is logic that if it was sent via my email, that would be me who was typing but if it was from his email, that would be him. There's no necessary question in regards of who sent the email. Maybe you should start to ask yourself why we complained in the first place.

4. I simply asked her question regarding the band as i thought she would know better. With that said, her replied show basically she isn't as professional as she thought. She told me Villa has strict rules and that I'm not allowed to have music play until midnight or i'll have to pay etc. BUT... look at what she said in the email. I guess if we HIRED her BAND, we get to have the band til Midnight? and sometime 1pm? I think she meant to say 1am. but yea... from no midnight to 1am. How is it possible to have such an ignorant wedding planner? you have to book vendors from her in order to have her service? omg...

5. I replied to her immediately because i couldn't stand the fact that she's lecturing me after everything i've done and not her. It was all my work and since no problem with the vendors regarding their 'reputable status' and she tried to make everything about her. She told me to do this and do that, contact band, contact decorator, ask them this and ask them that. What is she going to do then? Whats the use for us paying her coordination fee of USD1800? when other wedding planner charges half the price she quoted. With no more patience and hesitation, i replied her as the way she replied to me. I think every human has their limit of tolerance with the kind of people who took kindness for granted. In green are all her answers.

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