Monday, 19 October 2015


"There are more to the story"
That was what I received from a member from Tripadvisor
To cut things short, I've even more proofs of our conversation via Whatsapp
We used to exchange messages via Whatsapp
There was no issue at all
She never once told us (from the beginning) that we HAVE to email her in regards of the wedding.

UNTIL she decided to ditch us
After she received her USD1200 deposit
She clearly had no respects towards us
Just by reading her messages, it got us so deep!
She tried to be all professional but her messages usually are super long and worst, NO SOLUTIONS!

All talks but no works done! get it?

It was shameful of you to ask PEOPLE on tripadvisor to write good things about you
You have no shame to do such a thing!
You don't have to act all active in tripadvisor because you were never there
No shame!

Check out below for some of the chat we had previously:

1. The last message we received from her before we contacted her back in March was that clearly she mentioned that she "PROMISE" to send the update on catering vendor. That message was sent somewhere in November 2014. 

2. We decided to message her after she disappeared for 4 months without any news. Even if you had no updates, as a WP you need to come back to your clients to tell them what's going on. Instead of leaving them aside (note: it was 5 and a half months prior to our wedding). Her reply was shocking! She was asking if we were ready for the arrangement!?!?!?!?

3. We clearly had nothing else to say... So, if we hadn't send her any emails, she will never ever get back to us??? Speechless with her services!

4. It is funny which kind of vendors willing to make clients WAIT for their new rate. It was already MARCH 2015! Why the hell did she say she's still waiting for the new rate since NOVEMBER til MARCH with no NEWS UPDATE??? We found it really odd! Call me naive but If you guys are in our shoes, you would have been so pissed by this pathetic wedding planner from BALI WEDDING BUTLER! 

5. So do you all get what I've been saying? The only thing she wanted to DISCUSS were "CONFIRM" and "PAY". There were no discussion about negotiation. The fact that she thought we will ever gonna be using iPOD, that was just ridiculously low of her.

6. She finally became rude by telling us not to message her via whatsapp. I guess everybody knows that everything is recorded when you exchange messages with time and date. We messaged each other since we started paying her so what's the big deal now? The reason why we left no choice but to text you because you took a long time to reply to us. To us, IT WAS AN URGENT DISCUSSION. What do you mean that you will have trouble holding phone and chat? Do you realised that you were handling clients situation and not "FRIEND CHAT"? We are not your friends! We got the procedure, we are just afraid you have no decency and no respects towards your clients. 

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