Thursday, 18 June 2015

Bali Wedding Planner

All I can say for now is...

Wedding planner that I found from BALI is such a pain in the a**.

And also one particular Vendor that I hand picked myself (It's not even planner's PICK) wasn't grateful that I found her. I guess Balinese are just eager to rip foreigners off their pockets.

After the wedding, I will tell you guys more about the charges Balinese Wedding Planner (At least the one I have right now) make you pay. I've done by duties as the "Second Wedding Planner". Basically, I'm the MAIN wedding planner :) and once you know how much (double triple quadruple) they charge you, you'd be shocked! To those who are loaded, I understand you have sh** load of cash to throw and spoil the Balinese Planners but to those who are good and reasonable with the money, just take some time to do some research. It won't cost you a dime to be aware of what you are paying for.

I have to say, I've done a good job!

Stay tune and Sorry for the long break :P

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