Thursday, 25 June 2015

The Worst Quality from a Wedding Planner

When you are working in the service industry
the first thing that comes in your mind is Quality service
without quality, you might as well dump you job and find something else

I have never met anybody who works in the service industry that gave poor services
I met the one and only, our (EX)wedding planner.
We are so disappointed with her work...

She did not feel any remorse when we cancelled their service
there was no QUALITY in her service at all.

For those who are planning to have your wedding in Bali and if it's max 100 guests,
All i'm saying is that YOU can manage it yourself
It is not hard to communicate with Vendors of your choice.

You have every rights to find them as long as they are reputable for Villas
I wish i could be a wedding planner and that way, you would know what they are charging you
and what direct vendors will charge you.

Beware and always follow your guts.


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