Friday, 19 June 2015

Hate is a Harsh word

When I talked about people, It's a sin
But when YOU talked about people, It's suddenly a word of wisdom.

People may spread false rumors but If you wanted to do so,
At least look yourself in the mirror and do yourself a favor
Before you spread the city with all your germs.

Trying to make others think about the negative of a person
It certainly reflect back to you
About what kind of person you are, really.

Hate is a serious word to use
You hate a person
Let that be for yourself
Don't ever try to influence your thoughts to others
Not everyone will be listening to you

As much as I dislike them
I don't spread around the shitz about you lot.

Have some respect for yourself
Oh wait, you don't deserve one.

P.S: Thank you god for listening to my prayer. At least one of my wish came true :)

Peace out!

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