Saturday, 22 December 2012

Awesome Spicy Food

Have you tried one hella spicy ramen? I mean amazingly spicy ramen! I'm not really a fan of spicy food but I guess it wouldn't hurt to have one once in awhile. Indonesia is famous for their spicy food and CHILLI!!!

My sister recommended me a place in Surabaya at Ramen 38@Sutos where they served spiciness from level 1-20. 20 being free food if you dare!!! As a beginner like myself, I had only level 1 and trust me, if your no good with spicy, try level 1 or nothing at all. Level 1 is pretty spicy to me and I couldn't finished the soup :'(. I refused to get tummy ache so I'd rather have their awesome ramen. Their ramen is handmade and its very delicious unlike normal "noodle".

If you happened to love spicy food and that you are in Surabaya (Indonesia), don't forget to drop by and have a bite!

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