Friday, 21 December 2012

Reebok RealFlex Breeze

I don't remember myself as a fit person nor do I go for a good simple work out. As far as I remembered, the last time I had my pair of running shoes was when I was in high school (I was never a runner material). I used to have white with blue stripes sport shoes from Reebok but I didn't know which shoes fitted for casual running. With today's technology, I guess all you need to so is to google for the ideal running shoes!

Yesterday, I got my second pair (of 20+ years of my life) from Reebok as well. I had my eyes on Nike but they didn't have my size anymore. I went to a few shops but without any luck, I picked out something from Reebok RealFlex edition. One of Reebok inexpensive running shoes.

I know many of you professional runners would prefer to recommend a good Asics but I find it a tad expensive for a beginner like me.

Wish me luck as I'll need the encouragement to really be fit from doing a little run. Now, who's up for a little beginner run with me? ;)

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