Monday, 10 December 2012

Reasons Why Teas Are GOOD For You

I'm a tea lover but I do not have many types of tea nor are they fancy expensive teas. I have caffeine-free and normal black tea. In the morning, I'd make myself a cup of Earl grey, Oolong, Asian white green tea or Orange Pekoe. I usually drink 3 times a day. I consumed more caffeine-free such as Japanese green tea and Fruit herbs infusion. As for the afternoon, I'd go for Asian white green tea by Lipton. 

I've always known that teas are good for our body and health but I'm curious as a cat to why they are good. Recently I found an article tea, health and some goodie good stuff. I hope my research is good enough for you guys to start drinking tea ;). Here are the reasons why you should start now!

Ultra Violet Rays
I love green tea and to know that it acts as sunscreen gives me the hype to love it even more! It offers protection from the UV rays of the sun. In general, tea helps to reduce weight, waist line and reduces the metabolic syndrome which decreases the risk of diabetes.

Heart Attack
I think it's good to start young than later. I believed teas do you good and never harm. Tea protects you against cardiovascular and other diseases that cause the body to grow even worst. It reduces the possibility of heart attacks which obviously means that tea is good! It also helps to protect you from breast and colon cancer as well as colorectal skin, lung, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, pancreas, liver and mouth cancer. Just so you know, tea is not the entire cure of all the situation but it just helps fighting and maintaining a better health in future.

Free Radicals
Tea has great oxygen absorbing properties. It eliminates free radicals in the body which damage DNA. Although our body is designed to combat free radicals, tea gives that fighting capacity boost which prevents many degenerative diseases. 

Parkinson's Disease
What did I just say about starting now than later? Drinking tea helps to lower the incidence of Parkinson's disease. Comparing tea drinking to other factors such as smoking, exercise, age and body mass indicator, drinking tea on a daily basis considerably reduced the possibilities of Parkinson's disease in both men and women. 

For people who smokes, drinking tea on a regular basis also combats some of the harmful effects of smoking which lessens the risk of lung cancer. This doesn't mean that drinking tea will miraculously cure or protect you from lung cancer. But it doesn't hurt to sip a few tea than coffee :)

It has been found that drinking tea helps the skin to repair itself better if exposed to radiation. It also safeguards against cellular degeneration after being exposed to radiation. Talking about my favorite green tea, it is beneficial for bone mineral thickness and strength!

Neurological Diseases
Also known as a nervous disorder. Tea is good for combating and even preventing neurological diseases especially degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's. Although several factors do contribute to the health of the brain, polypenois which is found in green tea affects that part of the brain that influences learning and memory retention. The efficacy of the tea might be according to variety, perseveration and preparation.

So, did you guys learn how to appreciate tea as much as how you lads love and appreciate your beers? Start your day with a cup of hot tea and end your night with a cup of hot green tea. Start to build a better health for yourself and your family. I hope the informations given are helpful to you as they are to me. 

P.S: My favorite so far is a good Asian white green tea by Lipton

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