Monday, 29 October 2012

Life's colorful

As we all know, I'm new therefore I could be a little shaky starting with this. I choose "I'm new and I'm blogging because" as the title because I couldn't find any catchy title for my blog just yet. But also because I think it could have been the easiest title to go about any post I want to share. 

I'm well aware that Blogging is all about expressing your inner-self, well it could be anything as long as it is legit. :) I was encouraged to start blogging (In general). I loved to write, well I owned a book (more like a journey :D) that I used to write every single day about my life. I often thought by writing a book you've been written for 5-10 years could bring up good memories and have a good laugh about it. In fact, I find it a little bit awkward but in a funny way to see what 5 years or 10 years could changed my life. To me, writing (You may call it The Diary) is fun, and it is funner when you keep it close to you. I didn't start writing when I was 10 and that's for sure! But I could have started when I was 15. Just few days ago I dug out my book and there I had a good laugh about how silly it was for me to fancy a guy in high school. It's like all Lindsay Lohan and Hillary Duff all over again. (FYI, they are my favorite disney actresses). Reading my old book brought me to why I'm blogging. And I couldn't help myself but to thank my special friend for reminding me that life's a better place if all of us starts to share, sharing is penniless! 

I'm a fan of Smoochiezz and recently I've received a news that they are having an event at Singapore Expo Hall 5A on the 1st November until 4th November from 10.30AM-9.30PM. Carrefour are actually having their grand finale sale and Smoochiezz will also be taking part of the event and will be selling many make up goodies! For those who doesn't know Smoochiezz, you can find their website at and also you can be their fan in Facebook at Smoochiezz Spree. Smoochiezz sells cosmetics (Women's favorite topic). From NYX to OPI to China glaze and so much more. I'd be screaming for more!!! I've owned a few items from them and to my surprise, they are a lot cheaper than anywhere you can find. (I do not promote SMOOCHIEZZ for my benefit and I do not have any relations whatsoever with SMOOCHIEZZ) I hope you guys will have a lot of fun joining the event and color your life with many laughter and love.

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