Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Donald Trump and his 5 million dollar

OK! I guess he says it all? I didn't know much about Donald Trump back then apart from his TV-Show "The Apprentice". I used to like his show and I still actually do. He has a beautiful daughter and fine son airing in the show with him. He's somewhat charitable to those who needs (guess who's needs). 

To my surprised, I came across this video of Donald Trump that I thought it was just a minor topic about Barrack Obama. But I believed he talked about Barrack Obama and his certificates etc. I guess Donald Trump has many issues when it comes to Barrack Obama being the president again. It is off-putting to the fact that Donald Trump spread it on with the "5 million dollar" he wouldn't resist! It is like as if he used the lamest idea to bring down Barrack Obama. Everybody knows 5 million dollar means MANY GREEN NOTES! But I guess if you put them in the world wide web for everyone to see, who would be stupid enough to say "Ok, I QUIT". Silliness comes to those whom you don't expecting being one. (I'm just sayin')

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