Tuesday, 30 October 2012

What would you do If you met a Husband like him or a Wife like her?

I'm not sure if anyone had read the news today on Dailymail UK but I found something pretty interesting. I've heard the same kind of news about "Husband suing Wife" for the fact that she underwent surgery before they tie the knot. It is a big shame for the husband but on and all, he won the case. 

Why did I say it is ashamed for him? Firstly, for calling his own daughter not just "Ugly"but "Incredibly Ugly". Secondly, for accusing his wife of infidelity with another man and lastly, for the sake of the "Drastic" change, he filed a divorce even after she admitted to having surgeries done on her face. I have to admit that it is a darn drastic change! But let's give some credits to the woman who tried very hard to look beautiful and being a sport to tell the truth. It seems like being honest doesn't get her anywhere but DARN IT, she spent £62,000 (approx. S$120,000) on her plastic surgery and that's not all, husband was awarded around £75,000 (approx. S$140.000). I often wonder what I'd do if I had that money. I guess I'll need a good RETAIL THERAPY :)!

Ok, enough on my silly fantasy. How ironic that he married a changed woman and than now he's unhappy. I've seen many women undergo plastic surgery and I have to admit, many of them looked so much like korean actresses. I guess that depends Where and Who puts needles and stitches on you. 
Lesson learnt, Careful what you wish for ladies. 

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