Saturday, 27 April 2013

Selena Vs. Miley

Have you ever wonder that these two American disney actress actually sounded quite alike? I know I'm a tad old to be watching Selena Gomez as a wizard but it's ok to be a child again! Seeing Selena as a 20years old girl,  I couldn't believe there are so many talented people in this world. Selena has the 20-years-of-age-look but Miley looked way older than her age (born in year 1992 just like Selena).

I don't know who's the better actress but at least miley had a real movie done. I loved her when she was a disney actress as Hannah Montana. Not so much of what she has been doing recently tho. She has been in many weird news involving drugs and tattoos and she's only 20!

Who do you like better? Bieber's or Hemsworth's?

Friday, 26 April 2013

Kérastase Nutri-Energising

Today I went to the salon to get a hair treatment. I've a very thick (surprisingly straight naturally) and long hair but recently just had them cut due to loosing my hair bit by bit. But it didn't stop growing! I loose some and I gain some but it's doing doing any good to my scalp in future.
So I decided to buy Kérastase Specifique Nutri-Energising Daily Anti-Hairloss Spray. I was told it will help to prevent loosing more hair. It is good to be kind to our hair once in awhile (I was never that kind). Let's hope I'll have a healthy hair!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Louis Vuitton Alma GM in Vernis

I've had this bag for sometime and never really had the chance to bring it out. I even thought of swapping it with someone who's willing to do so. This bag has been with me in good care and it's in a mint condition. Always wrapped with its own LV cloth. What can I say right,  she was my baby. I remember getting her in Jakarta, I could even remember the price and it cost me a bomb! The price was Rp.30, 000, 000 to be exact, in Singapore Dollar approximately 3, 800.

Can you imagine what are the prices now? Designer goods are now growing and so does the price. Pre-owned Alma is now going from SGD 3, 000. If anyone's interested in having a good condition Louis Vuitton bag, DROP me a message.  Preferrable buyer from Singapore :)

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Book Clipper

Just recently I purchased this item in Indonesia, I may have been a little off dated with this sort of things. But this good comes in handy! Especially to those who reads a lot and get tired forcing your fingers to keep them books open.

I spent Rp.54, 000 each and you can get them in a shop called Books & Beyond at Sun Plaza in Medan. They have various color for you to choose: white, black and a few more.

Book Holder that not only keeps the book open but it helps to be a bookmark too! There goes the 2 in 1 function right there. Find yourself a book holder if you are a reader freak ;-)

Thursday, 18 April 2013


Today I spent my time in the hair salon to get my extremely heavy and long hair a goos cut. I was recommended to a shop in Medan (Indonesia) called "Pieter Salon" located in Sun plaza. So far the only shopping mall that most people go for food, hair do and coffee time.

I was told to find "Adi" as he's more affordable than Pieter himself. I paid Rp.200, 000 and I was very happy with the result. Pieter cost you Rp.500, 000 as far as I know. I would definitely go back again if I came back to medan. Definitely a cost to pay for a nice hair cut. Volumed and lightweight!

What do you think? (Photo provided ;->)

Monday, 15 April 2013

What do you know? Another air crash!

Seriously? Another one? Lion air was (IMO) one of many indonesian airline that I kind of trust until the scandal about pilots consumed drugs before take off. I was pretty worried then! My sister called to inform me about the news as I was taking a flight the next day with lion air. You could imagine how terrified I was!

Just 2 days ago lion air crashed in Bali, The Island of God! Everybody's alive thought but you could see the image I posted below that it splits into half. How bad did it crash? Pilot was saying he couldn't see clearly of the runway but on second thought, every runway has lights! Were they high again they couldn't see the damn lights on the ground? 

I'm officially spooked by indonesian airlines. Have you travelled with one of them?

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Dragon Ball Meme Hype

I love taking photos with my compact camera. Ok! I don't own a big professional camera but I managed to take good pictures with my compact. I guess ability to capture a good image is way better than having an expensive camera but no doubt that professional camera are way better than what I have.
I heard the fuss about making "Dragon Ball meme" and of course I didn't know until the end! When my friend showed me a couple of images, I recalled taking a pretty awesome one of my two female friends. I should have post it online and get a good crazy talk about it around the world. I took the photo a year ago or even more... darn it! So what do you think about my very own fighters meme?