Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Twiggy Salon @ Penang Island (Malaysia)

What do you think of my new hair color? (Look below Before and After)
I know I'm not supposed to even chop my hair for the wedding but because it was too heavy for me to handle, i just had to do it.

If you travelled down to Penang island, malaysia, and if you like the style, go down to Twiggy Salon at Pulau Tikus or Macalister road. My hair stylist was Franson. Hair cut cost me RM50 and hair color for long hair is at RM280. But if you want to do the way i did, it will cost a little more.

But I had such a good time chit chatting with the stylist. He is a talkative man. I got my hair in brown with lavender ash.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Age doesn't define Maturity

Age doesn't define maturity. Some people can never grow up.
Despite all the experiences they have gone through.

Most people get older and they get smarter and wiser.
But for some, they stayed the same and forever be an ass.

A Wise man will not tolerate negative influence.
For some people, it is pure pleasure to ruin people's life.

A Wise man ain't a hypocrite.
They know what they are talking about and are usually make sense.

A Wise man will never shut people down.
Instead, they always have a better solution to work things out.

A Wise man knows boundaries.
Those who has lesser knowledge of being a wise person would go beyond your expectations.

A Mature man knows when to stop playing games.
Games that most people could see it wasn't a pleasant games.

A Mature man doesn't spread rumors.
They don't kiss and tell.

A Mature man listens but they never judge.
They judge only from what they see.

A Mature man doesn't need a leader/pack.
They always stand tall on their own.

A Mature man has many good friends.
Good friends that doesn't just gossip/b*tch about people but real good conversations.

If you realized that your life are basically the opposite of the above, You need a wake up call. May that be from your mother, your father, your brother, your sister, your lover but probably best to have a wake up call from YOURSELF. Stop being Vain just because you think its fun. Quit bitching just because you thought you can go anywhere with that. Mainly, STOP BULLYING! One day when life gets tough, you will taste your own medicine.

Photo courtesy: @Lifehackquotes