Monday, 14 January 2013

Osim uSnooZ Neck Massage/Pillow

I'm not really a Voucher/Deals person but I have to admit that last week I was just googling around and I stumbled upon this advertisement. I didn't know that they would actually do an amazing thing. For whatever reason, this advertisement caught my eyes. 

I was determined to get this item as I'll be going away for a 3 weeks holiday in Europe (hopefully it will all work out as planned). At the back of my mind, I know this product could help me in many ways. When I went for holiday in the states last year, I had a terrible time to sleep because I really need a bed to actually sleep and I'm a very light sleeper etc (My bad I couldn't afford a first class). 

Can you imagine to stumbled on such great advertisement on uSnooz Massage Wrap for Neck by OSIM, was I going to pass it on and go for a long yet boring flight without this pink wrap? NO WAY! Clock was ticking, I had only 45 minutes to make my final decision. 
Ok, so why do I need to make decision when the price was amazingly cheap? 
  • I'm not working like everybody else
  • I need an authorization to buy the item
  • I have to make sure the item is legit
  • I have to think twice whether I'll be using it or not
Normal price selling at SGD68 and groupon price were selling at SGD38. This is not just like every traveling neck pillow. It is versatile, you can use it as a neck pillow, Massage (with battery) and you can even use it as a pillow on board! 

Tell me it was a good buy. Good items like this come once in a while so if you happened to see it, grab it while they still have it. Good luck and Enjoy online shopping!

P.S: Best part about it is that you actually pick up the item at Osim shop at Plaza Singapura itself, therefore it is LEGIT and Authentic ;).

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