Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Wine Connection - Cheese Bar

How much do you like the new interior design of the new Wine Connection Cheese Bar at Robertson walk? What about the new machine to melt the cheese when you are having a raclette dinner?

I love the new concept with tons of  cheese on display in the fridge. There are so many but goat and blue cheese are my least favorite. Apart from the nicely decorated cheese in the bar, it is also a little more cozy compared to the previous one.

I mentioned about the machines, I was pretty unhappy with the inconvenient new machine they provided us. As you can see from the picture of the melting  cheese, we have to place a plate underneath and let it melt as you munch. They melted rather quickly! On top of the cheese that looks like a clip is the heater. They are very hot!!! Yes, I did not enjoy the new raclette concept. The old version was like a pan with mini tray like a pizza knife to allow you to place the cheese that was provided in thin pieces. Of course,  less heaty too!

Apart from that,  old raclette used to be free flow for the price of SGD 25++ and now SGD45++ without free flow. They boys were still hungry and  there goes the new *Menu*. FYI, one block of cheese is for 2 pax.

How do you like the new Wine Connection Cheese Bar?

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Fat Cow Japanese Restaurant

I have never been to a fine dining ala Japanese until I was proposed to try out Fat Cow. The name is indeed catchy, bear in mind that fat cow is no ordinary Japanese restaurant. I don't know if I'd call it fine dining but the fact that the service was good and that the price are pretty expensive.

Fat cow is located at Camden Hospital (if I were right) and it wasn't too far from orchard road. If you fancy a juicy red meat price range starting from SGD 89++, don't forget to try it out as some of their meat are special from new zealand and grass fed! We spent around SGD 350++ 2pax.

I really had a great time in the restaurant and would love to go back for another fresh cut! When will it be??? ♥

Monday, 14 January 2013

Osim uSnooZ Neck Massage/Pillow

I'm not really a Voucher/Deals person but I have to admit that last week I was just googling around and I stumbled upon this advertisement. I didn't know that they would actually do an amazing thing. For whatever reason, this advertisement caught my eyes. 

I was determined to get this item as I'll be going away for a 3 weeks holiday in Europe (hopefully it will all work out as planned). At the back of my mind, I know this product could help me in many ways. When I went for holiday in the states last year, I had a terrible time to sleep because I really need a bed to actually sleep and I'm a very light sleeper etc (My bad I couldn't afford a first class). 

Can you imagine to stumbled on such great advertisement on uSnooz Massage Wrap for Neck by OSIM, was I going to pass it on and go for a long yet boring flight without this pink wrap? NO WAY! Clock was ticking, I had only 45 minutes to make my final decision. 
Ok, so why do I need to make decision when the price was amazingly cheap? 
  • I'm not working like everybody else
  • I need an authorization to buy the item
  • I have to make sure the item is legit
  • I have to think twice whether I'll be using it or not
Normal price selling at SGD68 and groupon price were selling at SGD38. This is not just like every traveling neck pillow. It is versatile, you can use it as a neck pillow, Massage (with battery) and you can even use it as a pillow on board! 

Tell me it was a good buy. Good items like this come once in a while so if you happened to see it, grab it while they still have it. Good luck and Enjoy online shopping!

P.S: Best part about it is that you actually pick up the item at Osim shop at Plaza Singapura itself, therefore it is LEGIT and Authentic ;).

Trattoria lafiandra - Bras Basah

Last weekend My friend and I decided to try out a place called "Trattoria Lafiandra".
It is located at Bras Basah next to the Singapore Art Museum.
I used to walk a lot around that area and 
I always thought maybe one day I should try out this Italian Restaurant. 
Every time I walked pass and I was curious how it looks like on the inside.
I wouldn't even expect a lot from it really...
I even thought this Trattoria could also be similar as the one at 313 Somerset.

I googled to see what they served in the restaurant and I've no complains.
It is convenient because I live pretty close to Bras Basah 
and so we decided to walk.
The ambiance was very good.
I love the coziness in the restaurant with dim light. 
It is not a big restaurant but it's a good size!
(You see, I'm not fussy ;P)
They have many list of Pasta but as usual, I love italian Entree. 
We picked Carpaccio di Manzo.
The portion was really good for 2.
I could never finish it by myself so if you love beef marinated with olive oil and lemon, Try this out!
I'd also recommend "Flat ribbon pasta with smoked salmon in white cream".
When the dish came, I wasn't too excited as it looked pretty pale and unappealing.
But as soon as I tasted it, It was worth it!
A plate cost about SGD25+ or cheaper (I couldn't remember)
They didn't have much selections for desserts.
Tiramisu is famous in an Italian restaurant 
so I thought why not give it a try.
A bowl cost about SGD11+.
It was a good size for 2!

If you haven't had the chance or doubt whether to try out Trattoria Lafiandra,
Don't hesitate!
Here's the site if you would like to check out their menu.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

My favorite craftholic

Last year I received a plush toy (big one) as a valentine' s gift. I've been craving for this plushie for a long time. I was indeed very excited when I first received my Paris edition craftholic. I brought her to US, Bali and many other place.

The last time I was with Paris, she was with me. We took a flight to Singapore and as I went to duty free shop, I left her on the counter as I was holding too many stuffs. I forgot to take her with me.

Frustrated and annoyed to face the fact I don't get to see her anymore. The one plushie I spent so much time with, disappeared without a trace. I called changi airport if they could trace the missing item. Sadly, it has been almost 3 weeks with no news whatsoever.

Good things come in year 2013 for me. Today I get to pick my own choice of craftholic. Again,  valentine' s day is around the corner somewhere!!! Craftholic provides valentine edition. I was very hype about it and I laid eyes on the first one I see. T' was the valentine edition. I quickly asked for a new sealed in a plastic and happily hopping out of the shop with full grin on my face. Boy, don' t I just sounded like a little girl? Believe it or not, I've had many sleepless night since Paris was missing.

I guess it's time to replace her with *Valentine*! Drop by plaza singapura or bugis+ if you are interested with this plushies.  They are available in many shapes, colors,  and sizes. An affordable gift to the love ones.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Brand's InnerShine® Berry Essence with Grape Seed Extract

Recently I came across a friend who posted on Instagram that caught my eyes. I know beauty is very important for women at the age of 25 and above. So I heard about beauty essentials like Collagen and Q10. These are the two that I've been hearing a lot. 

You may know me as an individual who's not too fussy with beauty. Of course I'm taking care of my skin especially my facial look but not as much as using SKII or to a doctor for skin care consultations etc. I'm using mid range products from The Body Shop to Kiehl's and Loreal. You see, Not so fussy ;).

I never thought essence like this would give any differences to our skin. I was convinced because these days, women would rather save the time and just go for any kind of needles that would make it work in a blink of an eye (if you know what I mean). To me, Injecting yourself with some liquid could probably be more harmful than dunking it down the throat. Not that I'm anti surgery or needles but I have to admit, I'm a tad the "kitty" to go down that alley. 

Before purchasing the goods, I went through google to find out more informations on it and indeed there were a lot of other labels apart from Brand's. There were Kinohimitsu, DHC and many more. And of course they came in different prices and ingredients. Judging from reviews from other women, most of them are happy with Brand's and to the PLUS side, It is cheaper!

I'm a berry person - I love strawberry, Blueberry, Blackberry, Blackcurrant, Grapes... Anything that comes in a round shape, teardrop shape, Oval shape - You name it! The texture (to my surprise) is thick and you know what it means when it is thick and rich. It means whatever you pay for, it is worth your money. Cheap collagen drinks are mostly "watery" and you barely taste anything. YES - I'm very happy with my Brand's InnerShine® Berry Essence with Grape Seed Extract.

A box comes in half a dozen bottle of Berry Essence. I started today with one bottle during the day. I would actually want to try the Prune Essence because you drink Prune Essence at night while Berry Essence in the morning. Half a dozen is never enough! It is so addictive and the size is amazingly fit-able to even my smallest bag.

Am I going to purchase again after the first half a dozen? YES! It is even better if this essence really works on my skin. I hope you guys enjoy reading the benefits of drinking Collagen Essence. Until then, Have a nice day! 

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Dexter - Season 7

The last season of TV series "Dexter" (season 7) definitely needed a little more work. I wouldn't expect that they would killed off LaGuerta as she was also one of the main character in Dexter. Everything in season 7 were a tad rushing but it was nice to see Doakes in the last episode of season 7. 

I was a tad confused when everyone were saying its the Season finale. Does that mean they are going to stop Dexter for good now or are they going to continue with season 8 this year? I was looking out on IMDB and apparently they states season 8 in year 2013. Therefore I'm assuming that it isn't the season finale. Boy am I glad it isn't over!

I hope season 8 will be a little better than season 7. Writers need more story to back up dexter's role. 

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Reasons why women cheat

It is interesting to find the reason why women cheat. The reasons are fairly different from why men cheat. After all, women are more sensitive in terms of relationship. If you are EVER wondering why your women cheat on you, you should probably get to know more things about women before you start a relationship. Here I listed a few reasons that you would consider knowing: 

  • The famous lack of intimacy - You may have showered your woman with luxurious gifts, you provided her with the house along with luxurious cars etc but did you know that women desire for more intimacy than anything else? More than intimacy doesn't mean sex and only sex. Women want to feel connected to you as to spend more time talking to each other side by side, kissing, touching and cuddling with her. I, Myself - created the "Cuddle time cum talking time" with my man. I have no idea if he liked it but I know for sure a little time for that won't hurt you. Besides, she's just taking 5 minutes of your time. It can never be compared to 10 hours in the office. Women want excitement in their life too and if you couldn't give her a little intimacy time, they could seek elsewhere if she's not getting it at home. Try to improve, spend more time with your woman, make a nice romantic dinner for two - make her feel close to you.