Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Incident on Board

I don't know how many of you have encountered this incident where you lost something in the plane. I've encountered once myself and I tracked "Him" down on my own.

It was a short distance flight from Indonesia to Singapore. I brought some pastries all the way from Indonesia for my friends. I carried them with me all the way to the plane and placed it on top of the seat. Little did I know "Anybody" would took them away from me.

It never came to my mind that anybody would want to snatch pastries. So I never really paid much attention to people on board at that time. When we landed safely and I was waiting to get out of the plane, I realized that my package went missing! And there was a small plastic bag left over there in the cabin. In my mind, I was thinking... How could that person be mistaken by his/her own "plastic bag"!

I didn't think much and just rushed out of the plane. But before that, I was actually asking the stewardess about it but they didn't help. There was nothing they can do to help. So, I rushed out anxiously and all I have in mind was to take back my pastries. After all, I've promised my friends I'd bring them!

I had no time to even stop to the restroom and I rushed all the way to the immigration. As soon as my visa was done, I went to the belt and there was no one yet! I thought maybe this man/woman must still be around somewhere. Actually, I saw this man from afar while I had my visa done at the immigration. He looked very calm and collected. He was walking very slowly... I sorta knew that man was carrying my package! But yea... I just waited by the belt to see anybody came out of the immigration section.

To my surprised, I saw a man approaching from a distance. I remembered how my own package looked like! And of course I remembered the flavor of the pastries!!! I walked up to him (somewhat I was pissed and relieved at the same time). I told him that "I believed that plastic bag you are holding, belongs to me". He replied in broken english "It's mine". But I continued "I know what flavor was in those package, they are mocha and pineapple". He gave up instantly after what I said. He passed the bag to me and I told him there's one plastic bag still on board:
"If you are still looking for it, it is better for you to go up and get them while it's still there".
He said "oh ok ok".
I was very happy but puzzled at the same time because he didn't go back up to get his stuff. He seemed to not know where to go : Up or OUT the hall?!

Up until now, I'm still puzzled!  Was he trying to make me switched package with him? Was he thinking I'd be dumb enough to take his bag and we would exchanged later on? What's more important, What was in the bag?! Could it be illegal stuffs in there too?

I was mad because this man was trying to do something bad!And I was one of the victim!

Since then, I realized that after alighting from the plane (Indonesia-Singapore), The system were tighter than usual but the people are very nice and friendly. As soon as you got off from the plane, there were security check before you get to the immigration. To me, I find it good because it is for good cause. At the same time, I wish cabin crews could monitor but it would be impossible. Who would have known which bag belongs to whom.

On the other event, my friend witnessed the same incident. A family of 4 from Europe travelled to Penang with Silkair. From what I heard, They bought liquors from Singapore Duty Free Shop. As soon as they landed, they were looking for their goods. Sadly, It was gone! - Someone took them away.

Advise to everyone: Even though you've placed your goods on top of the seat cabin, they are not guaranteed safe. let alone if it was far from your seat. It happened sometimes when there were no more space available so the cabin crew would have placed them further up or down. Every time when everybody gets up, keep your eyes around to see if anybody took your belongings. Better be safe than be sorry!

*Once I told a cabin crew to keep an eye of my suitcase because she requested to place my bag up front  due to lack of space on my side*

What's your story on board?