Thursday, 30 July 2015

Cross them off the list!

Inviting friends aren't easy, especially our big day!

It is funny how we used to hang out, dinner, partying and as time goes by we all grew apart.
Friends become selfish, arrogant and envious towards one another.
Friends started to intentionally bullied (mentality) and expected to attend our wedding.

When those people we used to call friends started to disrespect us,
All we needed to do was to cross their name off the list.
Because of a petty little fights among the boys,
One of them started to be nosy and the other started to spit junk out of his mouth.

He quoted :
"I will not go to your Bachelor Party and I will not Attend your wedding"

If you were the kind of friend who knows how to appreciate Friendship,
I doubt you had that heart and mind to say such a thing.
If you had the guts to ruin a friendship over PETTY LITTLE THINGS,
Boy oh boy... You are nobody.
FYI, it was out of obligations that you were first invited,
But We are gladly uninvited you in the end because you know what...
You ain't worth it.

You lot know Bitchin' and that's all you lot do best.
Have you done anything great throughout your life?
The only thing you love doing are talk shit about other people,
Especially STRANGERS!

We are so happy that finally our real friends are attending our big day!
Let the losers find their way to shitty land.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Late post on the 6th of June 2015

The 6th of June 2015 was the most memorable day of our lives
That was the date we called ourselves Husband and Wife
We celebrated our Semi Big Day at Singapore Botanic Gardens
Along with my parents, sister and a friend from Penang
My husband's friends were there to witness too
A couple of months before we picked the date,
I struggled to find the right Solemnizer
As many as we all know that there were some negative comment on some Solemnizer
I was afraid I picked the wrong one.

There were a few that I contacted but most of them were busy
They are usually booked by other couples too

After quite a few emails, I received a respond from Dr. Eileen Aw
She is a pleasant woman and after a couple of emails,
We paid a visit at her beautiful home
She is a kind person and she joked too!
She told us what to do and reminded us of important documents
Since we were still confused with the location,
(ROM office is close on saturday and sunday)
I asked for Dr. Eileen Aw's advise as we were looking for small/informal ceremony
She suggested to go to Singapore Botanic Gardens
Both of us agreed to it!

The ceremony on that day was quick and easy
There were no complications whatsoever
We took a couple of photos with Dr. Eileen Aw
I was so blessed and happy to have her as my Solemnizer.

We also packed a token of Appreciation (Red Packet)
Since we read some comments about red packet,
We were quite nervous how much to give
And so we gave SGD60.
The ceremony lasted less than 5 minutes.
Like I said, It was QUICK and EASY!
Thank you Dr. Eileen Aw!
P.S: For some of you out there who is looking for a good Solemnizer, You can contact her HERE GOOD LUCK!