Thursday, 25 June 2015

The Worst Quality from a Wedding Planner

When you are working in the service industry
the first thing that comes in your mind is Quality service
without quality, you might as well dump you job and find something else

I have never met anybody who works in the service industry that gave poor services
I met the one and only, our (EX)wedding planner.
We are so disappointed with her work...

She did not feel any remorse when we cancelled their service
there was no QUALITY in her service at all.

For those who are planning to have your wedding in Bali and if it's max 100 guests,
All i'm saying is that YOU can manage it yourself
It is not hard to communicate with Vendors of your choice.

You have every rights to find them as long as they are reputable for Villas
I wish i could be a wedding planner and that way, you would know what they are charging you
and what direct vendors will charge you.

Beware and always follow your guts.


Saturday, 20 June 2015

Fire your Wedding Planner before It is TOO late

Most people said "Do not be afraid to FIRE your wedding planner".
As soon as If your WP is unethical and has nothing but the wrong Etiquette to talk to clients

My planner has been a disaster.
Note that I'm no BRIDEZILLA!
I've been nothing but patience with her (including my partner) but she gave us no solutions.

Besides bad job, she also threatened one of the vendor I picked.

But I'm happy that I'm about to get a better certified WP.

Stay tune to know who I was talking about.

Friday, 19 June 2015

Hate is a Harsh word

When I talked about people, It's a sin
But when YOU talked about people, It's suddenly a word of wisdom.

People may spread false rumors but If you wanted to do so,
At least look yourself in the mirror and do yourself a favor
Before you spread the city with all your germs.

Trying to make others think about the negative of a person
It certainly reflect back to you
About what kind of person you are, really.

Hate is a serious word to use
You hate a person
Let that be for yourself
Don't ever try to influence your thoughts to others
Not everyone will be listening to you

As much as I dislike them
I don't spread around the shitz about you lot.

Have some respect for yourself
Oh wait, you don't deserve one.

P.S: Thank you god for listening to my prayer. At least one of my wish came true :)

Peace out!

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Bali Wedding Planner

All I can say for now is...

Wedding planner that I found from BALI is such a pain in the a**.

And also one particular Vendor that I hand picked myself (It's not even planner's PICK) wasn't grateful that I found her. I guess Balinese are just eager to rip foreigners off their pockets.

After the wedding, I will tell you guys more about the charges Balinese Wedding Planner (At least the one I have right now) make you pay. I've done by duties as the "Second Wedding Planner". Basically, I'm the MAIN wedding planner :) and once you know how much (double triple quadruple) they charge you, you'd be shocked! To those who are loaded, I understand you have sh** load of cash to throw and spoil the Balinese Planners but to those who are good and reasonable with the money, just take some time to do some research. It won't cost you a dime to be aware of what you are paying for.

I have to say, I've done a good job!

Stay tune and Sorry for the long break :P