Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Breast Implants

Have you guys been reading the news on "Rihanna and Boobs"? It may seems there are more and more American celebrities are going down to the plastic world. Never would I thought that Rihanna would even consider to do it. I personally don't find her "Flat" but if it is true that she has lost a lot of weight, I got to believe that somewhere else could be tad shrinking. 

There are so many thing to gain back those "Boobs". Perhaps she should find out more on a healthier way (The Detour) rather than the implant way (The Shortcut). 

Oh well, we will have to wait for what's new on the cyber world!

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The power of Dynamic View

I would like to apologize as I've been changing a lot in this blog especially for the template. I'm still looking for the best template that will go along with my type of blog and I'm still trying to find out therefore I hope for your understanding and kind cooperation. 

As I go along for my adventure finding template for my blog, I stumbled upon useful tips and ideas by Deepak Kamat. As you can see I've changed my template to "Dynamic view" template and something was stressing me out. Gadgets are not supposed to be hidden! You need to hover in order to see it unhidden. You may want to check it out this link (It's VERY simple, thanks to Deepak Kamat) GadgetVisibility <-- and have fun 
(I do not promote Stramaxon/Deepak Kamat for my benefit and I do not have any relations whatsoever with Stramaxon/Deepak Kamat)

RWJ goes Viral

I've been a fan of Ray William Johnson (not sure if everybody knows him). He started off his own video by himself showing youtubers 3 viral videos in one post. I started following his videos because he's funny and he talks so fast sometimes I couldn't understand plus he was (i think) single then. I even made my family and friends watch him. Ray William Johnson aka RWJ himself could be one of the famous man on Youtube so check him out and subscribe to his page and enjoy his viral videos FOR FUN! 
(I do not promote RayWilliamJohnson  for my benefit and I do not have any relations whatsoever with RWJ)


Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Frankenweenie contest

I've been a fan of Tim Burton. I used to watch "Nightmare before christmas" when I was younger. I was very much excited to have seen the trailer of "Frankenweenie" on apple trailer. It brought back how much I missed black-and-white-like-tim-burton-style. I know I'm not a child and wishes and dreams are meant for children but if I were to have a wish to make to own a pet, I'd love to have a BUNNYPIG. It is more of a fantasy pet since we are talking about Tim Burton, anything is possible ;)

Creeping Fashion

It seems like the new trend is coming to town though it is pretty slow in Asia but who in the name of fashion could pull this one off? It takes one trendsetter to bring down the house. I've seen many girls with creeping shoes in Singapore and to my surprise, some of them can pull it off pretty well. It is kind of edgy, well you have to know what sort of attire that could possibly go with it.
There are many selections at H&M that gives an edgy fashion look without overdoing it. Check out the photo I've included which might help you guide what type of dress/attire you can find. H&M is just miles away from everywhere so make full use out of your free day to drop by and find yourself a pretty dress to go with it. If you are ever interested in getting the dress and legging from the picture, help yourself at H&M. The dress will cost you S$39.90 and as for the printed legging, it is also S$39.90 which is pretty affordable. You may also help yourself by visiting StyleBubble to look out for more pictures of Creeping shoes with their very own design dresses. 

(I do not promote neither H&M nor Stylebubble  for my benefit and I do not have any relations whatsoever with H&M and Stylebubble)

What would you do If you met a Husband like him or a Wife like her?

I'm not sure if anyone had read the news today on Dailymail UK but I found something pretty interesting. I've heard the same kind of news about "Husband suing Wife" for the fact that she underwent surgery before they tie the knot. It is a big shame for the husband but on and all, he won the case. 

Valuable Swarovski

For Swarovski fans, I'm happy to announce that I decided to sell my valuable item I received as a birthday present from a friend. It is Brand new without tag but as you can see, it comes with the pouch to secure the quality of Happy Laura. It is perfect for Girlfriends or Friends as a birthday gift or any other special occasions. Happy Laura doesn't have any scars on her and she is well taken care of. If any of you are interested with this valuable item, Please do not hesitate to just drop me a message provided on the right side of my blog. I shall get back to you immediately. 

Tuesday is pretty sunny in Singapore :) 

Donald Trump and his 5 million dollar

OK! I guess he says it all? I didn't know much about Donald Trump back then apart from his TV-Show "The Apprentice". I used to like his show and I still actually do. He has a beautiful daughter and fine son airing in the show with him. He's somewhat charitable to those who needs (guess who's needs). 

To my surprised, I came across this video of Donald Trump that I thought it was just a minor topic about Barrack Obama. But I believed he talked about Barrack Obama and his certificates etc. I guess Donald Trump has many issues when it comes to Barrack Obama being the president again. It is off-putting to the fact that Donald Trump spread it on with the "5 million dollar" he wouldn't resist! It is like as if he used the lamest idea to bring down Barrack Obama. Everybody knows 5 million dollar means MANY GREEN NOTES! But I guess if you put them in the world wide web for everyone to see, who would be stupid enough to say "Ok, I QUIT". Silliness comes to those whom you don't expecting being one. (I'm just sayin')

Monday, 29 October 2012

Unwanted name card

Today as I went out to meet my friend, I stumbled upon a stranger's name card. I thought in my mind "What if it was MY card ?I'd feel awful not to extend where I'd be depressed but knowing the fact that somebody THREW AWAY my name card I've achieved to a standard to even HAVE a name card. To who ever it is that threw away name cards, how would You feel if it was yours?

Life's colorful

As we all know, I'm new therefore I could be a little shaky starting with this. I choose "I'm new and I'm blogging because" as the title because I couldn't find any catchy title for my blog just yet. But also because I think it could have been the easiest title to go about any post I want to share. 

I'm well aware that Blogging is all about expressing your inner-self, well it could be anything as long as it is legit. :) I was encouraged to start blogging (In general). I loved to write, well I owned a book (more like a journey :D) that I used to write every single day about my life. I often thought by writing a book you've been written for 5-10 years could bring up good memories and have a good laugh about it. In fact, I find it a little bit awkward but in a funny way to see what 5 years or 10 years could changed my life. To me, writing (You may call it The Diary) is fun, and it is funner when you keep it close to you. I didn't start writing when I was 10 and that's for sure! But I could have started when I was 15. Just few days ago I dug out my book and there I had a good laugh about how silly it was for me to fancy a guy in high school. It's like all Lindsay Lohan and Hillary Duff all over again. (FYI, they are my favorite disney actresses). Reading my old book brought me to why I'm blogging. And I couldn't help myself but to thank my special friend for reminding me that life's a better place if all of us starts to share, sharing is penniless! 

I'm a fan of Smoochiezz and recently I've received a news that they are having an event at Singapore Expo Hall 5A on the 1st November until 4th November from 10.30AM-9.30PM. Carrefour are actually having their grand finale sale and Smoochiezz will also be taking part of the event and will be selling many make up goodies! For those who doesn't know Smoochiezz, you can find their website at and also you can be their fan in Facebook at Smoochiezz Spree. Smoochiezz sells cosmetics (Women's favorite topic). From NYX to OPI to China glaze and so much more. I'd be screaming for more!!! I've owned a few items from them and to my surprise, they are a lot cheaper than anywhere you can find. (I do not promote SMOOCHIEZZ for my benefit and I do not have any relations whatsoever with SMOOCHIEZZ) I hope you guys will have a lot of fun joining the event and color your life with many laughter and love.