Monday, 28 April 2014

Ippudo @ 333 Orchard Road

A picture tells a thousand words
I took 3 pictures (Only) when I visited Ippudo a week ago
To my enormous disappointment,
Ippudo has lost its name compared to my first visit 3 years ago

Ippudo used to be extremely delicious
I'd often want to go for MORE!
My last visit set me back... 
I ordered 2 pork bun (Yes, they are one of the famous dish!)
(Assorted buns available with price from SGD3+ and above)

When you ordered a starter, you'd expect it to be delivered first
Definitely not the ramen...
So, I had my ramen first and I had to ask for my buns from the waitress

They were delivered immediately after I asked for it
But it was such a disappointment that I had to take a photo just to show you
I am paying SGD3++ for a thin-not-even-a-slice pork in the bun
The buns were looking very unappealing that I had to just open it up into two!
And that was when I discovered the thin sliced pork
The buns are WAY BIGGER than the pork
It was like as If you are paying 3 dollar for a bun!
I asked the waiter to have a look and demanded for a change
And so he came back with one (the other one eaten by my partner, It was too late)
I looked at the piece...
OK, they added one more piece but there were more FATS than MEAT!
I took out the FATS out of the bun and the meat was pretty hard
God knows what happened to the good old Ippudo :(
It used to be so good!
Well, I had my usual AKAMARU TAMAGO
It still tasted the same :) Thank god!
Will I go back anytime soon?
Perhaps not... 
Maybe next year :)