Monday, 27 May 2013

Escapade in Thailand

I get to visit Krabi for the second time and It was an adventure
It was a "new" adventure so to speak
The first time I went to Krabi, It was a terrible time
Rain, Rain and more Rain...

For the second trip, we went to Railay beach and stayed 3 nights in Railay Village
I've been very lucky to pick Railay village at that time 
There was a new resort coming up next to the other resort
Therefore our resort was not too close to the construction went on the other side

I had an amazing time there
Put aside the mosquitoes and night creatures

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Autore Pearl with Goldheart Necklace

I've finally purchased the necklace today for my beautiful pearl I bought in Lombok
Do you know that Lombok (Indonesia) is famous for their pearls?
Little did I know I was recommended to have a look at Autore
Autore is basically from Australia and you can check them HERE

They were amazing but expensive
Good pearl don't come cheap!
I only purchased the pearl itself
There was no chain and no hook for the necklace
Plain jane!
I often thought the pearl I bought was a little smaller
Everyday I looked at it, it seemed to be bigger!
I got the hook done in Paris
Little did I know that jewelry in Paris are expensive
The hook cost me EUR180
I was recommended to go to Myrtille Beck to get it done
Apparently not many shop in Paris wanted to do what I requested
But I was lucky that my friend's mother are a good friend with the owner
Myrtille Beck is a small jewelry boutique in Paris
Check them up HERE if you are interested to know more
They have beautiful jewelries

So... VOILA!
Isn't it just beautiful?

I spent SGD158 for the necklace itself at GoldHeart in Plaza Singapura
I was very happy with it because my pearl has now complete its look!

What do you think?

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Rubi - Jelly Shoes

We are all obsessed with Melissa Jelly shoes aren't we?
But today I'm talking about Melissa-look-alike shoes!


2 weeks ago I stumbled upon Rubi at Ion Orchard
Not knowing that they are doing Jellies now!
I've not been around Singapore therefore I'm kinda lost with the IN thing
We all know that Melissa Jellies are way too expensive
After all, they are one hella plastic shoes
That's THAT! and nothing much really...
Imagining someone like me who likes to buy, buy and buy more
You can't always have the best brand 
Don't be afraid, Rubi has the same design as Melissa jellies too!
Melissa's cost above SGD100++ while Rubi cost me only SGD14.90 (NETT)
They are (i'm sure) as comfortable as Melissa's
Rubi's Jelly comes in 3 shades: Red, Transparent and I couldn't remember the other
Either gold or black
I fell in love with the Transparent with glitters
They sparkle!
I was told by my partner that he used to wear this design and of the same quality when he was a kid
Back in France, people often wear them to go to the sea
Avoiding to step on the tiny rocks etc
What a way to take care of them feet aye?
What's your Jelly?

Freshkon Dezigner Series

Don't we all crave to have colored eyes?
Sadly asian women don't have that intense color eyes like most westerners
We are proud to have black/dark colored eyes 
But once in awhile, we do want to try how it would look like on US!

I've been wearing lenses since I was in my teen
I have a slightly mild vision therefore I'd wear colorless/transparent one
As time goes by and as a girlie girl turned to a lady, you tend to groom yourself up!
Yes, one thing leads to another ;)
I've tried many lenses
Usually are mild colored lenses and nothing like "Marilyn Manson" type 
(That would be creepy hehe)

From Bausch and Lomb, Acuvue, X2, Freshkon and many more
(I just couldn't remember all of them)
Korean lens are also one of the IT thing in Asia
I've worn them years back and I have to say that they are not as comfortable

Korean lens has the ability to make ones eyes enlarged
Therefore you will turn out to be a dolly looking girl
I used to like them but not when I realize they are not really a good item for your eyes
The most important sense out of the 5 is your SIGHT (EYES)
So girls, do check up for eyes if you have any irritations

Anyways, I tried out FreshKon new Dezigner series
I have to say it looked good on me!!!
I guess it is because of my skin color that they are brown/tan too
Came back from my recent holiday and got all tan
It gave a better look for my lens too!

As you can see I'm wearing the brown series of Dezigner
It kinda pops out due to my tan skin (as of for now only haha)
I've always love FreshKon brand for many years now
They've always gave me satisfaction with their colored/non-colored lens
Due to the striking lens color,
I was afraid to purchase one as it might look a little too much for me
But to my surprise, it looked darn fine!

What do you think about this Dezigner series? Don't we all just love it?

Friday, 24 May 2013

Euro Trip

Returning from a long getaway in Asia, It was totally breathtaking
In fact, I am a little exhausted from too much getaway!
It felt good to be home and I know I've missed out a couple of post I should be updating
Since my return from Paris, I didn't really have the time to be posting
I must admit it ain't that easy to be posting from my android...

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

DiorSkin Nude BBCream

I've been using Christian Dior BBCream Nude
It is a pretty new product from Dior and I like it very much
The texture is not as heavy as other BBCream I've used
I'm aware that if the texture were thicker, coverage would be better too
But for some women with more sensitive skin, DiorSkin Nude could suit you just fine
My skin type is Combination to Oily, so this BB works perfectly for me

Check out the photo! It covers a tad of my visible pores!!! 
~No editing~

What's your BBCream?