Friday, 22 November 2013

Advise needed over a 10 dollar matter

Living around Dhoby Ghaut area in Singapore is good.
But what's good when your janitor/cleaner starts to ask to borrow money from you?
Ok, I'm telling this story to hear some advise: Good or Bad.
It is not about generosity, stinginess or stupidity.

I came back from my daily routine aka Grocery shopping.
As usual I always have my ipod (earplugs) on.
Every time whenever I bumped into the man, I'd take one side off and said "Hello".
For this ONE TIME, he replied something apart from "Hello".
I couldn't really hear him so I took both of my earplugs off to hear what he was saying.
And so he quote "Can I borrow 10 dollar?"
Just like that!
I was in shocked (of course) because I haven't had such situation with janitor/cleaner.

There was no reason why he was asking to lend him my money.
(Not out of pity) I lend him the 10 dollar and he said to return it tomorrow.
Today is the 22nd of November and he asked for it on the 20th November.
Which means he didn't do what he told me on that very day... To return it on the next day.

Alright, it is only 10 dollar... I know it's not a big deal but money don't grow on trees.
Not to me!
I don't know if I should talk to the management for this kind of behavior.
I don't know if he did that to anybody else or was it just me (Unlucky)?
I don't want to be the one who's looking for him to ask for my 10 dollar back.
At the same time, I don't want to be the bad guy to talk to the management about him.
But I wish the management would be aware of his actions and wrong doing towards tenants!

I've been very nice to this janitor/cleaner for the past 2 years since I moved here.
I gave him loads of clothes that I don't wear much and said to give it to his wife or family.
I gave him my big Care Bear and said to give it to his daughter (if he had any)!
I gave him curry laksa paste I got from a supermarket which I don't eat.

Sometimes I don't know what he did to all the stuffs I gave to him.
Did he sell it off as a second hand items?????
After this money borrowing issue, I doubt I'd want to help him as much as I used to.
I felt like he's taking an advantage from me just because I'm cool with him.

10 dollar today, who knows 100 dollar the next time around?
I don't want to be paranoid over 10 dollar but I need advise.

Eye Mo VS. Optrex

How often do you use eye drop for your tired eyes from wearing contact lenses?
What brand of eye drop you would often use and find a comfort to your eyes?
Eyes are the most important sense of organ so here's my experience...
I've recently purchased Optrex eye drop from Guardian.
It is not for lenses but for dry and tired eyes.
I started to use eye drop this year and I was never the person who would really appreciate eye drops.
Before Optrex, I was using Eye Mo and I find it comfortable to my eyes.
On the other hand, Optrex gave a very different sensation...
It was so different that Optrex gave a burning sensation.
It was like as soon as you dropped one drop into your eye ball,
You'd right away blink your eyes because of the burning sensation.
Where as Eye Mo gave no such sensation but comfort to the eyes.

I went to search on google to find out whether it is a normal effect.
Sad to say what I found from google search:
That it may or may not happen to everyone,
It depends on individuals eyes,
Some may accept Optrex and some may not!
And it was one of the side effect of Optrex.

I'm not too sure if anybody had any trouble with Eye Mo,
But for me, Eye Mo in Indonesia is selling very affordable than in Singapore.
It is about SGD5 in Singapore where as Indonesia is selling roughly SGD1+.
I guess the next shopping I'd do is to buy EYEMO(S)!!! ;)

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Tessere Poster

It's amazing to see half of my face in this picture
The picture was taken when I was a little younger
I first discovered this picture in Robinsons Department Store
This photo was taken by a Malaysian photographer I met in Penang
He took a few of my pictures and today I see it hang in the department store
How cool is that! ;)

Phuket Trip and My Beauty Diary

I'm super excited to be going away for a little vacation in Phuket.
The last time I visited Phuket was 2+ years ago.
Little did I know that November is the rainy season in Asia,
But I hope that Phuket will turn out sunny :)

I'll be visiting for 5 nights at Kamala Area!
I've always loved Kamala and not really a fan of Patong (The so called "Busy town")
Today, I went out to buy beauty supplies for the trip.
Knowing that I didn't get baggage fee for my flight,
I decided to get a small Biore make up remover.
They are good for short vacation!
Followed by Nivea Med Protection with SPF15.
I will be needing that for what may come under the sun ;)
Last but not least, Mask supplies by My Beauty Diary.
They are having a very good deal at Watson.
Limited edition *Anniversary set comes in 10+2 sheets for only SGD15.90
There are 2 type of boxes you can choose.
The one I purchased are more for Combi to Oily skin.
The other one are more for Combi to Dry with lots of Moisturize!

I hope it helps and better get yours before it's sold out!
FYI, I was drawn by the packaging more than what's in the box.

Have a good day readers!

Monday, 4 November 2013

For Sale : Osim uSnooZ Neck Massage/Pillow

Brand new Osim uSnooZ Neck Massage/Pillow for sale for only SGD35
Original price : SGD68
Any takers please do not hesitate to leave me your email address for further informations.

Reason for selling the goods : Haven't got the chance to use it.

Pillow has a good quality texture and material.

Color : Pink

Thanks for taking the time to check it out!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Bring back Jane By Design!

I've no idea why ABC Family had to cancel season 2 of Jane by Design. 
To me, it is by far one of a good tv show to watch compared to Bunheads!
I love switched at birth too and the new season is starting next year
Baby daddy is also one of my favorite
But definitely not bunheads...

There are so many fans out there who are dying to watch season 2 of JBD
Everyone was so disappointed by the news
Please continue the show!!!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Kimage Prestige @ Plaza Singapura

Just a few weeks ago I had a hair cut
It was a challenged to make decision where to go for a good and reasonable price
I've had a few experienced cutting hair in Singapore
It wasn't my favorite to be honest!

I had an experience with the famous Shunji Matsuo at Isetan Wisma Atria
A friend of mine recommended me to go there and so I decided to go (few years ago)
It was very pack and there were many hair dresser around
So to speak, it was a little messy!

I was assigned to this gentleman
I told him precisely my problem and what I wanted to see ( A bloody change of course)
I said I want to see some layering and volume,
Trim a little and not too much ya da ya da...

He cut my hair very little as if he was rushing to do more commission from other clients
I realized (cuz I was paying attention to what he was doing) he did not do any layering
Therefore my hair was still looking pretty dead instead of voluminous
I told him about it just so maybe he had forgotten about that part
And to my shocking, the only thing he did...
He layered only the front part of my hair
Meaning, between your ears area ONLY!

Wow... terrible experienced and I paid SGD48++ 
Ok, some of you may say it is because I had the junior instead of the senior
I could change your mind about that because the last place I went was amazing
It only cost me SGD50 FIXED!

I've done many research and a lot of experienced women in Singapore introduced Kimage
I lived nearby at Dhoby Ghaut area and I remember seeing Kimage Prestige
There are prices range from 50 - 60 and 70
As soon as I arrived (Saturday), I was very lucky to get one hairdresser to fix me

I wanted 70 to try out the best but He/She wasn't available
Reminder: You need to make an appointment with the 60 and 70 bucks lol
I told the man to just appoint me to anybody who's currently available

Ivan was my hairdresser
He's from Malaysia and has been working for Kimage Prestige for a few years
Basically, the hairdressers in Kimage Prestige at Plaza Singapura are very professional
If you hated salon with a lot of hard selling, try Kimage Prestige!
They do not appoint you to try this and that
Buy this and that... you name it!
You want a cut, they will do you a cut, that's that!
Unless you ask for some treatment etc, which I did but they did not push me at all

My hairdresser did what I wanted him to do, Layering and keep the volume
I love my old hair, they are long, naturally straight but heavy!
I was very happy with my cut and It felt very light on my head

Here is a picture of Before and After
I did my own curling on the "After" look
In Singapore, It is hard to find someone who can curl your hair nicely unless you do perm
I love curling my own hair as they looked very natural

Sorry as I don't look my best haha!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Check out my Instagram!

Hi girls, I'm currently selling off some stuffs and if you are interested to have a look, please check out my instagram.

I've provided the link on the left (of the page) on top of the "Page View".

Follow me on Instagram and thank you for reading!


Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Incident on Board

I don't know how many of you have encountered this incident where you lost something in the plane. I've encountered once myself and I tracked "Him" down on my own.

It was a short distance flight from Indonesia to Singapore. I brought some pastries all the way from Indonesia for my friends. I carried them with me all the way to the plane and placed it on top of the seat. Little did I know "Anybody" would took them away from me.

It never came to my mind that anybody would want to snatch pastries. So I never really paid much attention to people on board at that time. When we landed safely and I was waiting to get out of the plane, I realized that my package went missing! And there was a small plastic bag left over there in the cabin. In my mind, I was thinking... How could that person be mistaken by his/her own "plastic bag"!

I didn't think much and just rushed out of the plane. But before that, I was actually asking the stewardess about it but they didn't help. There was nothing they can do to help. So, I rushed out anxiously and all I have in mind was to take back my pastries. After all, I've promised my friends I'd bring them!

I had no time to even stop to the restroom and I rushed all the way to the immigration. As soon as my visa was done, I went to the belt and there was no one yet! I thought maybe this man/woman must still be around somewhere. Actually, I saw this man from afar while I had my visa done at the immigration. He looked very calm and collected. He was walking very slowly... I sorta knew that man was carrying my package! But yea... I just waited by the belt to see anybody came out of the immigration section.

To my surprised, I saw a man approaching from a distance. I remembered how my own package looked like! And of course I remembered the flavor of the pastries!!! I walked up to him (somewhat I was pissed and relieved at the same time). I told him that "I believed that plastic bag you are holding, belongs to me". He replied in broken english "It's mine". But I continued "I know what flavor was in those package, they are mocha and pineapple". He gave up instantly after what I said. He passed the bag to me and I told him there's one plastic bag still on board:
"If you are still looking for it, it is better for you to go up and get them while it's still there".
He said "oh ok ok".
I was very happy but puzzled at the same time because he didn't go back up to get his stuff. He seemed to not know where to go : Up or OUT the hall?!

Up until now, I'm still puzzled!  Was he trying to make me switched package with him? Was he thinking I'd be dumb enough to take his bag and we would exchanged later on? What's more important, What was in the bag?! Could it be illegal stuffs in there too?

I was mad because this man was trying to do something bad!And I was one of the victim!

Since then, I realized that after alighting from the plane (Indonesia-Singapore), The system were tighter than usual but the people are very nice and friendly. As soon as you got off from the plane, there were security check before you get to the immigration. To me, I find it good because it is for good cause. At the same time, I wish cabin crews could monitor but it would be impossible. Who would have known which bag belongs to whom.

On the other event, my friend witnessed the same incident. A family of 4 from Europe travelled to Penang with Silkair. From what I heard, They bought liquors from Singapore Duty Free Shop. As soon as they landed, they were looking for their goods. Sadly, It was gone! - Someone took them away.

Advise to everyone: Even though you've placed your goods on top of the seat cabin, they are not guaranteed safe. let alone if it was far from your seat. It happened sometimes when there were no more space available so the cabin crew would have placed them further up or down. Every time when everybody gets up, keep your eyes around to see if anybody took your belongings. Better be safe than be sorry!

*Once I told a cabin crew to keep an eye of my suitcase because she requested to place my bag up front  due to lack of space on my side*

What's your story on board? 

Friday, 19 July 2013

TimHoWan Dimsum @ Plaza Singapura

I'm of the crazy queue to have Dim Sum in Singapore
It was opened awhile ago and the queue is still massively long
We waited for 1 hour and 15 minutes to get to the table
Yes, It was a long queue!
We often wonder what's the fuss is all about

So why not try it?

I find it over-rated after tasting the food
You would want to try just to see why there are so many of them queue-ing 

Over-rated doesn't mean it's not good
The food in TimHowan are good
Just not to the extend where it's worth killing my time to just queue
When we finished our food in less than 30 minutes

The buns are the famous dish in the restaurant
Maximum 3 buns perperson
Glutinous rice was good with a lot of meat filling - 5bucks a plate
Chicken feet sauce was good too, i'd say better than the cathay dimsum
Prawn dumpling was good but not the best
Spinach, garlic and mushroom dumpling wasn't my favorite

There were 2 dish that I left out
Pork rib and steam beancurd wrapped with prawn
Pork rib had too much fatty in it
It was too much after that little dish
We initially wanted rice roll but mistakenly ordered the beancurd prawn

Normally, chinese restaurant would listed "Rice roll instead of Vermicelli"
I did not try the beancurd wrap as it was supposed to be better FRIED

How did you enjoy your experience in TimHoWan and the Queue? ;)

Spinach Garlic and Mushroom dumplings

The famous Char Siu Buns

The fillings

Chicken feet

Glutinous rice with meat (Pork maybe) fillings

Prawn dumplings

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Group Therapy Cafe @ 49 Duxton Road

Don't they just look delicious?
Picture 1 til the end tells you how much I enjoyed my food
I'm an egg benedict lover
As you can see I had a pretty terrible poached egg from my last visit at a French Cafe,
(Read my previous review)
To my surprise, I enjoyed nicely poached eggs at Group Therapy Cafe

They are a small cafe and we made reservation before we head down
They called to tell us that our table is ready!
As we all know that in Singapore on Sunday is pretty hard to find a place for brunch
A GOOD BRUNCH that is!
Group Therapy Cafe was nice to even call us :)

We head down right away with cab and it wasn't hard to spot the place
It is also very close to Maxwell Food Court at Chinatown

Group Therapy Cafe is not a big cafe but it was nice to be there
Waitresses and Waiters are friendly and had our table ready once we arrived
Their egg benedict comes with a thick toast
Very different from others but it was good!
Hollandaise sauce was good
Went perfectly with a cup of Jasmine Tea
A perfect sunday brunch I must say...

LOOK how clean my plate was!? ;)

I'd rate Group Therapy Cafe a 5 out of 5 *Bing Bing Bing*
Never hesitate to go back for another group brunch with friends!

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Tonkotsu King Ramen @ Orchid Hotel

Tonkotsu King Ramen is located in Tanjong Pagar at Orchid Hotel
I've never heard of the famous King ramen before until 3 recent weeks ago!
I met a girl from Japan and I'm a fan of Ramen
So I was wondering where in Singapore I could try ramen apart from Ippudo
She suggested to go to Tonkotsu King Ramen 

Wanted to know more, I googled it and found good reviews too
I was a tad nervous about the queue-ing 
and also the part where it is a small shop
which clearly means you need to queue for a long time!

I was not wrong about it!!!
Last night I decided to have a go and try my luck (bloody friday)
It was already a long queue at 7.30pm
Waited for almost an hour I must say

Question is: Do I like it?
I'd still prefer Ippudo a whole lot more!
It's not because of the place where it is located
Tonkotsu King does not have the delicious broth soup compared to ippudo
The taste was a bit too salty for me...
Apart from the negative side, I loved the pork
They are tender but some part are a bit hard

The shop is small, yes!
So small that it's pretty much untidy and dirty in the restaurant
There were dirty (supposedly clean) used tissue in the tissue box
I wanted to use one but it was used! (YUCK)
It's like a rush hour inside
As soon as you sit, your food were served right away (which is good)

I think I'd just go back to ippudo
After all, they have a very delicious pork bun and more choices to have!

I'd also give 2.5 out of 5 for Tonkotsu King Ramen

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

French brunch at O'Batignolles Singapore

Don't we all love to have a brunch in the weekend?
I haven't had it in a while now and just last weekend I managed to go to one!
O'Batignolles is a Bar and a Restaurant located in Gemmill Lane (Club Street)

We ordered two set of Brunch A la Parisienne at a price of SGD29
The set comes with Two eggs with a choice of poached or scrambled
With bacon, english muffin and salad
French loves bread!
We also had a basket of bread:
Croissant, chocolate bread and baguette
With a choice of either coffee or tea (I had green rose jasmine tea)
It also comes with Orange Juice!

Ok! Here comes the comments...
I love how it makes you feel like you are in france
(Apart from the road side and humidity in Singapore)
I also love the preparation of the food
We had a pretty small table for two and it didn't fit the whole stuff on the table
First, they served the tea and juice and came a long the assorted bread
We didn't get to the finish line and they served the biggest plate
They could have waited for us to get the bread done...
It wasn't a big issue but something could have changed

We had both poached eggs
As you can see from the picture, the eggs weren't poached nicely
They were close to being cook 
The egg yolks were supposed to break and melt once you cut
But they were still and nothing ooze out

To our surprised, 2 sets of egg from my plate and my partner were the same
I only managed to finish just one...
My comments : If your bar serves mainly poached egg,
and if you served bad poached egg,
How do you want your customers to return?
I'm sure a lot of people would love to eat poached egg for brunch

I would love to return only when they have skillfully master how to make poached egg
Apart from that, it was all good :)

P.S: Would also preferred a different dressing for the salad ;)
All the best!

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2

Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 is coming in October 2013
I've always been a fan of cloudy
Cartoons so to speak ;)
Starring my favorite actress Anna Faris, Andy Samberg and MORE!

I'm so excited to watch this in the cinema!
Check out the Trailer below:

Escapde to Sulawesi (Siladen Island, Indonesia)

 Another escapade in Indonesia
Few weeks ago I visited Sulawesi for the first time
I was very excited and also worried
Ok, worried about what???

I've never really heard any of my friends been to Sulawesi
Maybe one or two of them
Though they came to say it was good but you are always reluctant to believe
Not that you don't believe what they said!
Just the fact that sometimes you expect more from it

What can I say about Sulawesi?
Magnificent and Beautiful

Monday, 3 June 2013

Tromperie also known as Deception in French

Many of us women has gone through the toughest time dealing with men
And good men are hard to come by
Needless to say honest one!

Women were accused of snooping around
Women were accused of being the "Investigator"
Women were accused of being childish
Women were accused of invading privacy

I guess above all that, we took the risk of taking control of the awkward situations
We should get credit for that, shouldn't we?
Some say it is best not to find out the truth because truth hurts
Some may also say that it is best to know the truth now than later

Many women couldn't deal with men who are dishonest towards one relationship
Some may give up and some may give another chance towards a brighter and cleaner relationship

Question is how are you going to deal with it?
Could you even look him in his eyes and try to pretend it never did happen?
Would you rather start mingling around to see what's better out there?

No one truly knows the answer but ourselves.

It is amazing how you could find all the answers from the internet!
"The possible signs of LYING" includes:

  • Touching chin or rubbing their brows - Checked!
  • Saying "no" several times - Checked!
  • Continual denying of accusations - Checked!
  • Being extremely defensive - Checked!
  • Uncommon calmness - Checked!
  • Unwillingness to touch partner during conversation - Checked!
  • May place a barrier of any object eg. Blanket in front of one self - Checked!
  • A line of perspiration if it isn't a warm day - Checked!
Some say eye contact is one of the way to detect deception but experts say it isn't effective.

How did you react and how did you cope with cheating partner?
Clearly Robert Pattinson took it very well with Kristen Stewart ;)

Monday, 27 May 2013

Escapade in Thailand

I get to visit Krabi for the second time and It was an adventure
It was a "new" adventure so to speak
The first time I went to Krabi, It was a terrible time
Rain, Rain and more Rain...

For the second trip, we went to Railay beach and stayed 3 nights in Railay Village
I've been very lucky to pick Railay village at that time 
There was a new resort coming up next to the other resort
Therefore our resort was not too close to the construction went on the other side

I had an amazing time there
Put aside the mosquitoes and night creatures

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Autore Pearl with Goldheart Necklace

I've finally purchased the necklace today for my beautiful pearl I bought in Lombok
Do you know that Lombok (Indonesia) is famous for their pearls?
Little did I know I was recommended to have a look at Autore
Autore is basically from Australia and you can check them HERE

They were amazing but expensive
Good pearl don't come cheap!
I only purchased the pearl itself
There was no chain and no hook for the necklace
Plain jane!
I often thought the pearl I bought was a little smaller
Everyday I looked at it, it seemed to be bigger!
I got the hook done in Paris
Little did I know that jewelry in Paris are expensive
The hook cost me EUR180
I was recommended to go to Myrtille Beck to get it done
Apparently not many shop in Paris wanted to do what I requested
But I was lucky that my friend's mother are a good friend with the owner
Myrtille Beck is a small jewelry boutique in Paris
Check them up HERE if you are interested to know more
They have beautiful jewelries

So... VOILA!
Isn't it just beautiful?

I spent SGD158 for the necklace itself at GoldHeart in Plaza Singapura
I was very happy with it because my pearl has now complete its look!

What do you think?

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Rubi - Jelly Shoes

We are all obsessed with Melissa Jelly shoes aren't we?
But today I'm talking about Melissa-look-alike shoes!


2 weeks ago I stumbled upon Rubi at Ion Orchard
Not knowing that they are doing Jellies now!
I've not been around Singapore therefore I'm kinda lost with the IN thing
We all know that Melissa Jellies are way too expensive
After all, they are one hella plastic shoes
That's THAT! and nothing much really...
Imagining someone like me who likes to buy, buy and buy more
You can't always have the best brand 
Don't be afraid, Rubi has the same design as Melissa jellies too!
Melissa's cost above SGD100++ while Rubi cost me only SGD14.90 (NETT)
They are (i'm sure) as comfortable as Melissa's
Rubi's Jelly comes in 3 shades: Red, Transparent and I couldn't remember the other
Either gold or black
I fell in love with the Transparent with glitters
They sparkle!
I was told by my partner that he used to wear this design and of the same quality when he was a kid
Back in France, people often wear them to go to the sea
Avoiding to step on the tiny rocks etc
What a way to take care of them feet aye?
What's your Jelly?

Freshkon Dezigner Series

Don't we all crave to have colored eyes?
Sadly asian women don't have that intense color eyes like most westerners
We are proud to have black/dark colored eyes 
But once in awhile, we do want to try how it would look like on US!

I've been wearing lenses since I was in my teen
I have a slightly mild vision therefore I'd wear colorless/transparent one
As time goes by and as a girlie girl turned to a lady, you tend to groom yourself up!
Yes, one thing leads to another ;)
I've tried many lenses
Usually are mild colored lenses and nothing like "Marilyn Manson" type 
(That would be creepy hehe)

From Bausch and Lomb, Acuvue, X2, Freshkon and many more
(I just couldn't remember all of them)
Korean lens are also one of the IT thing in Asia
I've worn them years back and I have to say that they are not as comfortable

Korean lens has the ability to make ones eyes enlarged
Therefore you will turn out to be a dolly looking girl
I used to like them but not when I realize they are not really a good item for your eyes
The most important sense out of the 5 is your SIGHT (EYES)
So girls, do check up for eyes if you have any irritations

Anyways, I tried out FreshKon new Dezigner series
I have to say it looked good on me!!!
I guess it is because of my skin color that they are brown/tan too
Came back from my recent holiday and got all tan
It gave a better look for my lens too!

As you can see I'm wearing the brown series of Dezigner
It kinda pops out due to my tan skin (as of for now only haha)
I've always love FreshKon brand for many years now
They've always gave me satisfaction with their colored/non-colored lens
Due to the striking lens color,
I was afraid to purchase one as it might look a little too much for me
But to my surprise, it looked darn fine!

What do you think about this Dezigner series? Don't we all just love it?

Friday, 24 May 2013

Euro Trip

Returning from a long getaway in Asia, It was totally breathtaking
In fact, I am a little exhausted from too much getaway!
It felt good to be home and I know I've missed out a couple of post I should be updating
Since my return from Paris, I didn't really have the time to be posting
I must admit it ain't that easy to be posting from my android...

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

DiorSkin Nude BBCream

I've been using Christian Dior BBCream Nude
It is a pretty new product from Dior and I like it very much
The texture is not as heavy as other BBCream I've used
I'm aware that if the texture were thicker, coverage would be better too
But for some women with more sensitive skin, DiorSkin Nude could suit you just fine
My skin type is Combination to Oily, so this BB works perfectly for me

Check out the photo! It covers a tad of my visible pores!!! 
~No editing~

What's your BBCream?

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Selena Vs. Miley

Have you ever wonder that these two American disney actress actually sounded quite alike? I know I'm a tad old to be watching Selena Gomez as a wizard but it's ok to be a child again! Seeing Selena as a 20years old girl,  I couldn't believe there are so many talented people in this world. Selena has the 20-years-of-age-look but Miley looked way older than her age (born in year 1992 just like Selena).

I don't know who's the better actress but at least miley had a real movie done. I loved her when she was a disney actress as Hannah Montana. Not so much of what she has been doing recently tho. She has been in many weird news involving drugs and tattoos and she's only 20!

Who do you like better? Bieber's or Hemsworth's?

Friday, 26 April 2013

Kérastase Nutri-Energising

Today I went to the salon to get a hair treatment. I've a very thick (surprisingly straight naturally) and long hair but recently just had them cut due to loosing my hair bit by bit. But it didn't stop growing! I loose some and I gain some but it's doing doing any good to my scalp in future.
So I decided to buy Kérastase Specifique Nutri-Energising Daily Anti-Hairloss Spray. I was told it will help to prevent loosing more hair. It is good to be kind to our hair once in awhile (I was never that kind). Let's hope I'll have a healthy hair!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Louis Vuitton Alma GM in Vernis

I've had this bag for sometime and never really had the chance to bring it out. I even thought of swapping it with someone who's willing to do so. This bag has been with me in good care and it's in a mint condition. Always wrapped with its own LV cloth. What can I say right,  she was my baby. I remember getting her in Jakarta, I could even remember the price and it cost me a bomb! The price was Rp.30, 000, 000 to be exact, in Singapore Dollar approximately 3, 800.

Can you imagine what are the prices now? Designer goods are now growing and so does the price. Pre-owned Alma is now going from SGD 3, 000. If anyone's interested in having a good condition Louis Vuitton bag, DROP me a message.  Preferrable buyer from Singapore :)

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Book Clipper

Just recently I purchased this item in Indonesia, I may have been a little off dated with this sort of things. But this good comes in handy! Especially to those who reads a lot and get tired forcing your fingers to keep them books open.

I spent Rp.54, 000 each and you can get them in a shop called Books & Beyond at Sun Plaza in Medan. They have various color for you to choose: white, black and a few more.

Book Holder that not only keeps the book open but it helps to be a bookmark too! There goes the 2 in 1 function right there. Find yourself a book holder if you are a reader freak ;-)

Thursday, 18 April 2013


Today I spent my time in the hair salon to get my extremely heavy and long hair a goos cut. I was recommended to a shop in Medan (Indonesia) called "Pieter Salon" located in Sun plaza. So far the only shopping mall that most people go for food, hair do and coffee time.

I was told to find "Adi" as he's more affordable than Pieter himself. I paid Rp.200, 000 and I was very happy with the result. Pieter cost you Rp.500, 000 as far as I know. I would definitely go back again if I came back to medan. Definitely a cost to pay for a nice hair cut. Volumed and lightweight!

What do you think? (Photo provided ;->)

Monday, 15 April 2013

What do you know? Another air crash!

Seriously? Another one? Lion air was (IMO) one of many indonesian airline that I kind of trust until the scandal about pilots consumed drugs before take off. I was pretty worried then! My sister called to inform me about the news as I was taking a flight the next day with lion air. You could imagine how terrified I was!

Just 2 days ago lion air crashed in Bali, The Island of God! Everybody's alive thought but you could see the image I posted below that it splits into half. How bad did it crash? Pilot was saying he couldn't see clearly of the runway but on second thought, every runway has lights! Were they high again they couldn't see the damn lights on the ground? 

I'm officially spooked by indonesian airlines. Have you travelled with one of them?

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Dragon Ball Meme Hype

I love taking photos with my compact camera. Ok! I don't own a big professional camera but I managed to take good pictures with my compact. I guess ability to capture a good image is way better than having an expensive camera but no doubt that professional camera are way better than what I have.
I heard the fuss about making "Dragon Ball meme" and of course I didn't know until the end! When my friend showed me a couple of images, I recalled taking a pretty awesome one of my two female friends. I should have post it online and get a good crazy talk about it around the world. I took the photo a year ago or even more... darn it! So what do you think about my very own fighters meme?

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

I've been away...

I've been away for more than a month to Paris and a detour in Geneva. 
Sorry I haven't been able to update for the past one month as I've been busy and couldn't find the right time to blog. 
I just returned a week ago and I had so many things to do. 
I moved in to a new unit in our private apartment and there were cleaning and dusting.
I went to IKEA to get some new furnitures for all my bits and stuffs. 
Without them, I had no idea how I'd start my cleaning and dusting.

So far, the new unit is a tad clean... I wouldn't say spotless!
I've had a terrible jetlag from my trip. 
I couldn't sleep in the night and I was sleeping in the morning at 6 or even 9am. 
It's terrible!!!
Since then, I'm always tired for no reason - Lazy to even start to clean up.

More about my trip in Europe, Stay tune! ;)

Monday, 18 February 2013

Ready for Paris?

I have been away from blogging as I was busy for the past many weeks. I went through much work and time to get my visa to Europe in Jakarta. I'm sure many of you read the news about the massive flood in Jakarta city. Well, I was pretty nervous to be there to get my visa done especially it was located right at the heart of jakarta city *Central*!

Boy I was glad to get everything done in time for my departure this coming thursday (21 feb). Today I bought earmuffs for me to wear when I really need it. As far as I'm concerned, paris has been very cold lately with snow and rain. I don't even know if I had all the right attire to avoid getting cold. I've never been to Europe,  so let alone knowing what kind of weather!

Skiing is one of the major activity in Europe.  I should be excited about it but I guess I'm a puss at trying new things!  And guess what, I'll  be there for a week long... a nightmare or a perfect holiday?

If you were to visit Europe (paris), where would you recommend to visit?

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Wine Connection - Cheese Bar

How much do you like the new interior design of the new Wine Connection Cheese Bar at Robertson walk? What about the new machine to melt the cheese when you are having a raclette dinner?

I love the new concept with tons of  cheese on display in the fridge. There are so many but goat and blue cheese are my least favorite. Apart from the nicely decorated cheese in the bar, it is also a little more cozy compared to the previous one.

I mentioned about the machines, I was pretty unhappy with the inconvenient new machine they provided us. As you can see from the picture of the melting  cheese, we have to place a plate underneath and let it melt as you munch. They melted rather quickly! On top of the cheese that looks like a clip is the heater. They are very hot!!! Yes, I did not enjoy the new raclette concept. The old version was like a pan with mini tray like a pizza knife to allow you to place the cheese that was provided in thin pieces. Of course,  less heaty too!

Apart from that,  old raclette used to be free flow for the price of SGD 25++ and now SGD45++ without free flow. They boys were still hungry and  there goes the new *Menu*. FYI, one block of cheese is for 2 pax.

How do you like the new Wine Connection Cheese Bar?

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Fat Cow Japanese Restaurant

I have never been to a fine dining ala Japanese until I was proposed to try out Fat Cow. The name is indeed catchy, bear in mind that fat cow is no ordinary Japanese restaurant. I don't know if I'd call it fine dining but the fact that the service was good and that the price are pretty expensive.

Fat cow is located at Camden Hospital (if I were right) and it wasn't too far from orchard road. If you fancy a juicy red meat price range starting from SGD 89++, don't forget to try it out as some of their meat are special from new zealand and grass fed! We spent around SGD 350++ 2pax.

I really had a great time in the restaurant and would love to go back for another fresh cut! When will it be??? ♥

Monday, 14 January 2013

Osim uSnooZ Neck Massage/Pillow

I'm not really a Voucher/Deals person but I have to admit that last week I was just googling around and I stumbled upon this advertisement. I didn't know that they would actually do an amazing thing. For whatever reason, this advertisement caught my eyes. 

I was determined to get this item as I'll be going away for a 3 weeks holiday in Europe (hopefully it will all work out as planned). At the back of my mind, I know this product could help me in many ways. When I went for holiday in the states last year, I had a terrible time to sleep because I really need a bed to actually sleep and I'm a very light sleeper etc (My bad I couldn't afford a first class). 

Can you imagine to stumbled on such great advertisement on uSnooz Massage Wrap for Neck by OSIM, was I going to pass it on and go for a long yet boring flight without this pink wrap? NO WAY! Clock was ticking, I had only 45 minutes to make my final decision. 
Ok, so why do I need to make decision when the price was amazingly cheap? 
  • I'm not working like everybody else
  • I need an authorization to buy the item
  • I have to make sure the item is legit
  • I have to think twice whether I'll be using it or not
Normal price selling at SGD68 and groupon price were selling at SGD38. This is not just like every traveling neck pillow. It is versatile, you can use it as a neck pillow, Massage (with battery) and you can even use it as a pillow on board! 

Tell me it was a good buy. Good items like this come once in a while so if you happened to see it, grab it while they still have it. Good luck and Enjoy online shopping!

P.S: Best part about it is that you actually pick up the item at Osim shop at Plaza Singapura itself, therefore it is LEGIT and Authentic ;).

Trattoria lafiandra - Bras Basah

Last weekend My friend and I decided to try out a place called "Trattoria Lafiandra".
It is located at Bras Basah next to the Singapore Art Museum.
I used to walk a lot around that area and 
I always thought maybe one day I should try out this Italian Restaurant. 
Every time I walked pass and I was curious how it looks like on the inside.
I wouldn't even expect a lot from it really...
I even thought this Trattoria could also be similar as the one at 313 Somerset.

I googled to see what they served in the restaurant and I've no complains.
It is convenient because I live pretty close to Bras Basah 
and so we decided to walk.
The ambiance was very good.
I love the coziness in the restaurant with dim light. 
It is not a big restaurant but it's a good size!
(You see, I'm not fussy ;P)
They have many list of Pasta but as usual, I love italian Entree. 
We picked Carpaccio di Manzo.
The portion was really good for 2.
I could never finish it by myself so if you love beef marinated with olive oil and lemon, Try this out!
I'd also recommend "Flat ribbon pasta with smoked salmon in white cream".
When the dish came, I wasn't too excited as it looked pretty pale and unappealing.
But as soon as I tasted it, It was worth it!
A plate cost about SGD25+ or cheaper (I couldn't remember)
They didn't have much selections for desserts.
Tiramisu is famous in an Italian restaurant 
so I thought why not give it a try.
A bowl cost about SGD11+.
It was a good size for 2!

If you haven't had the chance or doubt whether to try out Trattoria Lafiandra,
Don't hesitate!
Here's the site if you would like to check out their menu.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

My favorite craftholic

Last year I received a plush toy (big one) as a valentine' s gift. I've been craving for this plushie for a long time. I was indeed very excited when I first received my Paris edition craftholic. I brought her to US, Bali and many other place.

The last time I was with Paris, she was with me. We took a flight to Singapore and as I went to duty free shop, I left her on the counter as I was holding too many stuffs. I forgot to take her with me.

Frustrated and annoyed to face the fact I don't get to see her anymore. The one plushie I spent so much time with, disappeared without a trace. I called changi airport if they could trace the missing item. Sadly, it has been almost 3 weeks with no news whatsoever.

Good things come in year 2013 for me. Today I get to pick my own choice of craftholic. Again,  valentine' s day is around the corner somewhere!!! Craftholic provides valentine edition. I was very hype about it and I laid eyes on the first one I see. T' was the valentine edition. I quickly asked for a new sealed in a plastic and happily hopping out of the shop with full grin on my face. Boy, don' t I just sounded like a little girl? Believe it or not, I've had many sleepless night since Paris was missing.

I guess it's time to replace her with *Valentine*! Drop by plaza singapura or bugis+ if you are interested with this plushies.  They are available in many shapes, colors,  and sizes. An affordable gift to the love ones.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Brand's InnerShine® Berry Essence with Grape Seed Extract

Recently I came across a friend who posted on Instagram that caught my eyes. I know beauty is very important for women at the age of 25 and above. So I heard about beauty essentials like Collagen and Q10. These are the two that I've been hearing a lot. 

You may know me as an individual who's not too fussy with beauty. Of course I'm taking care of my skin especially my facial look but not as much as using SKII or to a doctor for skin care consultations etc. I'm using mid range products from The Body Shop to Kiehl's and Loreal. You see, Not so fussy ;).

I never thought essence like this would give any differences to our skin. I was convinced because these days, women would rather save the time and just go for any kind of needles that would make it work in a blink of an eye (if you know what I mean). To me, Injecting yourself with some liquid could probably be more harmful than dunking it down the throat. Not that I'm anti surgery or needles but I have to admit, I'm a tad the "kitty" to go down that alley. 

Before purchasing the goods, I went through google to find out more informations on it and indeed there were a lot of other labels apart from Brand's. There were Kinohimitsu, DHC and many more. And of course they came in different prices and ingredients. Judging from reviews from other women, most of them are happy with Brand's and to the PLUS side, It is cheaper!

I'm a berry person - I love strawberry, Blueberry, Blackberry, Blackcurrant, Grapes... Anything that comes in a round shape, teardrop shape, Oval shape - You name it! The texture (to my surprise) is thick and you know what it means when it is thick and rich. It means whatever you pay for, it is worth your money. Cheap collagen drinks are mostly "watery" and you barely taste anything. YES - I'm very happy with my Brand's InnerShine® Berry Essence with Grape Seed Extract.

A box comes in half a dozen bottle of Berry Essence. I started today with one bottle during the day. I would actually want to try the Prune Essence because you drink Prune Essence at night while Berry Essence in the morning. Half a dozen is never enough! It is so addictive and the size is amazingly fit-able to even my smallest bag.

Am I going to purchase again after the first half a dozen? YES! It is even better if this essence really works on my skin. I hope you guys enjoy reading the benefits of drinking Collagen Essence. Until then, Have a nice day! 

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Dexter - Season 7

The last season of TV series "Dexter" (season 7) definitely needed a little more work. I wouldn't expect that they would killed off LaGuerta as she was also one of the main character in Dexter. Everything in season 7 were a tad rushing but it was nice to see Doakes in the last episode of season 7. 

I was a tad confused when everyone were saying its the Season finale. Does that mean they are going to stop Dexter for good now or are they going to continue with season 8 this year? I was looking out on IMDB and apparently they states season 8 in year 2013. Therefore I'm assuming that it isn't the season finale. Boy am I glad it isn't over!

I hope season 8 will be a little better than season 7. Writers need more story to back up dexter's role. 

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Reasons why women cheat

It is interesting to find the reason why women cheat. The reasons are fairly different from why men cheat. After all, women are more sensitive in terms of relationship. If you are EVER wondering why your women cheat on you, you should probably get to know more things about women before you start a relationship. Here I listed a few reasons that you would consider knowing: 

  • The famous lack of intimacy - You may have showered your woman with luxurious gifts, you provided her with the house along with luxurious cars etc but did you know that women desire for more intimacy than anything else? More than intimacy doesn't mean sex and only sex. Women want to feel connected to you as to spend more time talking to each other side by side, kissing, touching and cuddling with her. I, Myself - created the "Cuddle time cum talking time" with my man. I have no idea if he liked it but I know for sure a little time for that won't hurt you. Besides, she's just taking 5 minutes of your time. It can never be compared to 10 hours in the office. Women want excitement in their life too and if you couldn't give her a little intimacy time, they could seek elsewhere if she's not getting it at home. Try to improve, spend more time with your woman, make a nice romantic dinner for two - make her feel close to you.