Thursday, 5 March 2015

Six months away from our big day

There are so much to do but so little time
I've been contacting many vendors for the wedding
Needless to say I have an unreliable wedding planner based in Bali
And yes, I'll be having two wedding events: My hometown and Bali
The island of god :)

I will sum up the stories after my wedding (About unreliable wedding planner)

Realizing how much things need to be done consumes me
Since I won't be needing much help from my planner,
I had to handle things my own
From F&B to Decorations and Entertainment (band and Photo Booth) to Wedding cake alone
I've had much fun learning to be my own wedding planner ;)
Sometimes it may seemed time is catching up,
But sometimes I felt the time is enough for me to settle everything
Now, that's a good thing!

So far, I've been lucky to have met good vendors and everything settled smoothly
(fingers crossed it will be smooth on that day itself)
Transactions/deposits went through smoothly as I hoped!

Thank god we are having an intimate wedding in Bali
I couldn't imagine what it would be like if you had more than 100 pax
Let alone 80 pax (Very intimate)
The fact that villas in Bali are very strict and that we were given a curfew
After midnight, there are no party allowed in the premises
With the existence of such rules, Villa is still a better choice compared to hotel/resort
Even though hotel/resort gives you less stress but the fact that you are given the privacy you need on you wedding day.

Last year we went to Ayana resort and there was a wedding event (outdoor)
Even though they blocked the premises, outsiders were able to watch and take photos
Something that some of you wouldn't like!
That is the reason why we picked villa

But bear in mind that if you picked Villa, you'd require to have a wedding planner
A wedding planner who will handle basically everything for you
All you need is a pocket full of "Greens" and a "YES" to everything he/she says


When it comes to my hometown wedding (it will be in medan),
Things are slightly easier and simpler
Since we will be doing it in JW Marriott, our event manager helps us a lot
Compared to the planner in Bali... oh boy...! *pissed*
And also I'm not picky whereas my partner is pickier* than me!
e.g1: He needs the table to be rectangular instead of round
e.g2: He wants to have petals shower
Boy has some wedding issue haha!

The most important question and many were asking...
What about the wedding dress?
I've decided to get it tailored;
Something simple and nice to look at :)
I've had some tailored for my pre-wedding photoshoot too
I'm super excited to see what it will turn out
So, stay tune to see and if it turned out beautiful I'll feed you girls information about the dress.

Wish me luck and thanks for reading!