Thursday, 4 September 2014

Graceous Lash Extension

Hello there! It has been awhile... I'm back with some great review for the ladies!

Just 4 weeks ago, I visited Graceous for the first time to check out what is the fuss

Many ladies were talking about the natural looking lashes by the Japanese team

Do note that if you are a first timer, you'll receive a 20% discount

I paid less than SGD110 :)

I am a pretty satisfied customer knowing that I'm in a good hand

Graceous is located at Mohammad Sultan road and it is easy to locate

If you are lost, just use your GPS to track!

When I arrived, there were a number of ladies getting their lashes done

After mine was done (took about less than 2 hours or so), there was another lady waiting

If you ever think about doing this, it is best to make appointment

OK! I'm sure there are many of you would like to know what are the pros and cons

I was very excited to get them in the first place

One thing you need to know is that once you got them, you'll need to pay extra care


It took me awhile to get use to the fact that my vision would be different from the usual

The reason why I did lash extension is to reduce using eye shadow to enhance my look

It helped with the lash extension, it made me look natural (don't mind the drawn brows) :)

For the past 4 weeks, I rarely use eye shadows and would just go out with brows and blushes on

I've read that some Bloggers find that the extension doesn't do much

Guess what, I believed that extensions are for less dramatic look in a GOOD WAY

Some says they want more dramatic...

They could have just buy fake lashes and put some mascara on it

I believed that would do the trick

As for extensions, they are not for you to do anything to it

I couldn't imagine some of the ladies would actually put mascara on extensions

Must be a hell of a job to remove the mascara :P

I took care of my extensions very well

Whenever I put on some light/brownish shadows, I would removed it with cotton buds

Don't forget to purchase an oil-free make up remover ;)

Don't forget to comb your lashes ;)

Try to remove excess water (after shower etc) with tissue paper and dab slowly

Avoid touching your lashes for no reasons :D

Am I going back for second round?

Ans: I don't think I would any time soon because they are pretty pricey (Touch-up is SGD100, That's insane)

Ans: It is a pain to take good care of it

Ans: You can't simply just RUB your eyes (I like to do that :))

Ans: You have to watch the way you sleep!


Here are some photos from week 1 til week 3+

As you can see they looked pretty good (thank god I have double eyelids)

From the pictures you can tell that I really made efforts to maintain them well to last up to 3+weeks

The last photos from the 3rd collage shows disorganized lashes haha!

At the end of this lashes galore, I was too lazy to groom it

But I had a good time looking at my beautiful eyes for a short period of time :D

(My lash stylist is RIRI)