Friday, 22 November 2013

Advise needed over a 10 dollar matter

Living around Dhoby Ghaut area in Singapore is good.
But what's good when your janitor/cleaner starts to ask to borrow money from you?
Ok, I'm telling this story to hear some advise: Good or Bad.
It is not about generosity, stinginess or stupidity.

I came back from my daily routine aka Grocery shopping.
As usual I always have my ipod (earplugs) on.
Every time whenever I bumped into the man, I'd take one side off and said "Hello".
For this ONE TIME, he replied something apart from "Hello".
I couldn't really hear him so I took both of my earplugs off to hear what he was saying.
And so he quote "Can I borrow 10 dollar?"
Just like that!
I was in shocked (of course) because I haven't had such situation with janitor/cleaner.

There was no reason why he was asking to lend him my money.
(Not out of pity) I lend him the 10 dollar and he said to return it tomorrow.
Today is the 22nd of November and he asked for it on the 20th November.
Which means he didn't do what he told me on that very day... To return it on the next day.

Alright, it is only 10 dollar... I know it's not a big deal but money don't grow on trees.
Not to me!
I don't know if I should talk to the management for this kind of behavior.
I don't know if he did that to anybody else or was it just me (Unlucky)?
I don't want to be the one who's looking for him to ask for my 10 dollar back.
At the same time, I don't want to be the bad guy to talk to the management about him.
But I wish the management would be aware of his actions and wrong doing towards tenants!

I've been very nice to this janitor/cleaner for the past 2 years since I moved here.
I gave him loads of clothes that I don't wear much and said to give it to his wife or family.
I gave him my big Care Bear and said to give it to his daughter (if he had any)!
I gave him curry laksa paste I got from a supermarket which I don't eat.

Sometimes I don't know what he did to all the stuffs I gave to him.
Did he sell it off as a second hand items?????
After this money borrowing issue, I doubt I'd want to help him as much as I used to.
I felt like he's taking an advantage from me just because I'm cool with him.

10 dollar today, who knows 100 dollar the next time around?
I don't want to be paranoid over 10 dollar but I need advise.

Eye Mo VS. Optrex

How often do you use eye drop for your tired eyes from wearing contact lenses?
What brand of eye drop you would often use and find a comfort to your eyes?
Eyes are the most important sense of organ so here's my experience...
I've recently purchased Optrex eye drop from Guardian.
It is not for lenses but for dry and tired eyes.
I started to use eye drop this year and I was never the person who would really appreciate eye drops.
Before Optrex, I was using Eye Mo and I find it comfortable to my eyes.
On the other hand, Optrex gave a very different sensation...
It was so different that Optrex gave a burning sensation.
It was like as soon as you dropped one drop into your eye ball,
You'd right away blink your eyes because of the burning sensation.
Where as Eye Mo gave no such sensation but comfort to the eyes.

I went to search on google to find out whether it is a normal effect.
Sad to say what I found from google search:
That it may or may not happen to everyone,
It depends on individuals eyes,
Some may accept Optrex and some may not!
And it was one of the side effect of Optrex.

I'm not too sure if anybody had any trouble with Eye Mo,
But for me, Eye Mo in Indonesia is selling very affordable than in Singapore.
It is about SGD5 in Singapore where as Indonesia is selling roughly SGD1+.
I guess the next shopping I'd do is to buy EYEMO(S)!!! ;)

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Tessere Poster

It's amazing to see half of my face in this picture
The picture was taken when I was a little younger
I first discovered this picture in Robinsons Department Store
This photo was taken by a Malaysian photographer I met in Penang
He took a few of my pictures and today I see it hang in the department store
How cool is that! ;)

Phuket Trip and My Beauty Diary

I'm super excited to be going away for a little vacation in Phuket.
The last time I visited Phuket was 2+ years ago.
Little did I know that November is the rainy season in Asia,
But I hope that Phuket will turn out sunny :)

I'll be visiting for 5 nights at Kamala Area!
I've always loved Kamala and not really a fan of Patong (The so called "Busy town")
Today, I went out to buy beauty supplies for the trip.
Knowing that I didn't get baggage fee for my flight,
I decided to get a small Biore make up remover.
They are good for short vacation!
Followed by Nivea Med Protection with SPF15.
I will be needing that for what may come under the sun ;)
Last but not least, Mask supplies by My Beauty Diary.
They are having a very good deal at Watson.
Limited edition *Anniversary set comes in 10+2 sheets for only SGD15.90
There are 2 type of boxes you can choose.
The one I purchased are more for Combi to Oily skin.
The other one are more for Combi to Dry with lots of Moisturize!

I hope it helps and better get yours before it's sold out!
FYI, I was drawn by the packaging more than what's in the box.

Have a good day readers!

Monday, 4 November 2013

For Sale : Osim uSnooZ Neck Massage/Pillow

Brand new Osim uSnooZ Neck Massage/Pillow for sale for only SGD35
Original price : SGD68
Any takers please do not hesitate to leave me your email address for further informations.

Reason for selling the goods : Haven't got the chance to use it.

Pillow has a good quality texture and material.

Color : Pink

Thanks for taking the time to check it out!