Friday, 27 June 2014

Affinity Yoga - Caroline Kristin and Mitzi (Amazing Teachers)

I've recently joined Affinity Yoga for their one-year membership
The classes are fun and I usually go during "off peak" hour
(When everybody goes off work)
I know the more the merrier but when it gets a bit too crowded,
It can be really irritating!
I went to yoga core once and the woman next to me was very intimidating
I was and still am a newbie

There are poses that requires more space and this woman put her foot on my mat
Imagine you were doing a "push up" pose that requires e.g:
Right leg crossing to left leg (Inward) I know it is difficult to picture it in your mind
Which means you need space to actually place your foot
But the class at Telok Ayer is pretty small that we didn't have that much space for that pose

While doing the push up pose, I had to look down at that woman's foot!
Which I find it really disturbing...
I know I don't need to complain about this situation
Just wondering if it is normal to see such incident.

Affinity @ River Valley are definitely better
Rooms are bigger and there are probably 3 class rooms
While Telok Ayer has only one class room.

The teachers are friendly and my favorites are Caroline, Kristin and Mitzi
I like teacher who are loud (talking wise) and gentle at the same time
Shows you how the poses were done to the newbies
Yoga core teacher (my first time), there were no instruction shown
I was very lost so I had to keep looking at others for the poses
I find it hard to cope and everybody was an expert to it

The 3 women I mentioned above gave really good instructions
Not just by telling you what to do but they carefully showed you
I'm looking forward to their classes again!

I hope you enjoy reading this blog