Friday, 22 November 2013

Eye Mo VS. Optrex

How often do you use eye drop for your tired eyes from wearing contact lenses?
What brand of eye drop you would often use and find a comfort to your eyes?
Eyes are the most important sense of organ so here's my experience...
I've recently purchased Optrex eye drop from Guardian.
It is not for lenses but for dry and tired eyes.
I started to use eye drop this year and I was never the person who would really appreciate eye drops.
Before Optrex, I was using Eye Mo and I find it comfortable to my eyes.
On the other hand, Optrex gave a very different sensation...
It was so different that Optrex gave a burning sensation.
It was like as soon as you dropped one drop into your eye ball,
You'd right away blink your eyes because of the burning sensation.
Where as Eye Mo gave no such sensation but comfort to the eyes.

I went to search on google to find out whether it is a normal effect.
Sad to say what I found from google search:
That it may or may not happen to everyone,
It depends on individuals eyes,
Some may accept Optrex and some may not!
And it was one of the side effect of Optrex.

I'm not too sure if anybody had any trouble with Eye Mo,
But for me, Eye Mo in Indonesia is selling very affordable than in Singapore.
It is about SGD5 in Singapore where as Indonesia is selling roughly SGD1+.
I guess the next shopping I'd do is to buy EYEMO(S)!!! ;)

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