Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The haven starts again...

There are many villas in Seminyak area (Bali). It is the matter if you picked the right one. Jerami Villa is recommended by many people via TripAdvisor for jerami villa. I love the idea to find out more information on one villa to another before you actually make the decision to hit the "Buy Now" button.

I picked jerami villa because of their good comments and that they are also in the central of Seminyak, which means you can just walk out and see many shop lots. There are many things you can buy in the shop lots and there are also salon where you pamper yourself after a long day walking, eating and shopping.

I was a little upset of one little thing though. I had to wait for quite awhile for my room to be ready. We were told (as usual indicates in the email after purchasing) to be there by certain hour. We arrived and we had to go out just to kill some time until the room was ready.

The room that I picked was supposed to be a "One-bedroom villa with pool" but I guess jerami villa were running out of it so we were assigned to a "Two-bedroom villa with pool". The other room was definitely locked. I just get the extra room for two. It was so GOOD! I can imagine I could get half of the space I had if I had gotten the  one bed-room with pool villa. I was very happy with my villa. My room was clean and well maintained. Services were on top of the list! I get to choose to have breakfast in the villa OR the cafe and of course I picked the most comfortable of all - Breakfast in the villa :). The butler prepared everything - the settings for the table, the tea etc.
Another haven? Indeed... Take your time as you look for Villas. One may surprises you and one may disappoints you. If you have followed me or if you are an avid reader of mine, you may have noticed my other haven villas in Bali. Check out my French Haven Villa with a good and affordable price depending on the season and to a higher-end villa My Favorite. 

(I do not promote Jerami Villa for my benefit and I do not have any relations whatsoever with Jerami Villa)

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