Friday, 2 November 2012

The 3 Little Island

Tourists around the world were dying to go to what we call it "The Gili Islands". There are 3 (as mentioned on the title) little island in Gili and they are called "Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan". Gili Air and Gili Meno are slightly smaller and lesser tourists compared to Gili Trawangan. Bear in mind there are no Shopping mall in the islands ;). I hopped on a private boat from Lombok straight up to Gili Trawangan. I've no idea if I got a good or a rip off price but I paid Rp.300,000 for one way ONLY and for the fact that it only took about 5-10 minutes ride. But I get the boat all to myself :).

Arrived safely with no bumps or bruises, I was amazed by how clear (in terms of Indonesia beaches) the waters in Gili. I was a very happy girl! There were many horse carts for passengers and most of the prices are fixed (or maybe I need more information about the ride). I gotta say that I did not enjoyed so much of the ride, it's painful for the horse and for me. I don't know when Gili will be a little develop with a better road for the horses but I really hope one day, something will change! Something has to be done (Poor horsies).

I picked (perhaps) the best hotel in Gili Trawangan. I wanted to go to Trawangan resort but sadly, they were fully booked. In fact, many of the resorts/hotels were fully booked as it was indeed a peak season.

It took a while to get to the hotel from the harbor. The ride costed Rp. 75,000 one way. I arrived at "Ombak Sunset Hotel" and at Ombak Sunset Hotel, they have a proper road which I believed is good for the horse's feet.

Ombak sunset hotel is very quiet as it is very far from the crowd down the harbor area which is also a good thing for me. Perfect quiet and windy beach with a pop of Mojito, what more could you ask for? Many shell creatures walking around the shore, it is amazing!

Snorkeling to 3 stops were exhausting BUT I managed to see 3 turtles and 3 barracudas. All the combos made my day even better.

A little tip from me to you is that if you are the type of person who loves party and music, stay close to the harbor and not too far up as it might be dangerous to be walking down in the dark (note to yourself that you are in an island, a lot of trees and bushes equals to a lot of unwanted creatures). Do remember there are also cactuses around the pathway so if you decided to walk back to your hotel DRUNK, I suggest DON'T DO THAT! :) As for the girls, please don't walk alone, always walk in a group (especially during the night).

I hope that this informations given are useful and I really do hope that you will enjoy your holiday in Gili Islands. Tell me how much you enjoyed your stay in Gili!

(I do not promote Ombak Sunset Hotel for my benefit and I do not have any relations whatsoever with Ombak Sunset Hotel)

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