Friday, 16 November 2012

Olala, Nocturnal Emission...

How much do you know about Nocturnal Emission?  The word Nocturnal basically means "at night" and Emission is "to release". If you get the idea what I'm going to write, you are a quick one. Yes Yes, I'm talking about those days when we wet our underwear and thought it could be you peeing on the bed but apparently not. Some people usually call it liquid dream or better yet, wet dream.

I often asked myself how it occurs and if it's wrong or bad to have it? Questions are answered, thanks to the technology these days. 

Wet dreams does occurs to boys/men and girls/women. But happens more to men than women. If you could remember, it all started when you hit "The Puberty" time. Your body starts to produce hormone (testosterone and estrogen). Once you hit puberty, you'll start having all sorts of erection at different times of the day e.g school, while watching TV, in the shower and even while you sleep. Therefore, Yes! Wet dreams are very common.

It is a normal part of growing up. You can't control it. Even if you have it many times that doesn't mean something wrong with you. And YES, girls/women have it too though they can't ejaculate but they can have an orgasm during a dream. But girls/women don't have it as often as boys/men. 

As time goes by and if you have had intercourse experienced with your partner or masturbation occurred, you may realized that somehow you have fewer wet dreams but if you still HAVE the experiences, I must say you are "one of a kind" and are lucky ;)!

Image by and Research from Netdoctor and WebMD

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