Monday, 26 November 2012

ANTM College Edition Winner is...?

What do you think about Laura being the first winner of ANTM College Edition? I used to like Laura when her biggest competitor (Leila) was eliminated. I thought she's beautiful with her blonde hair-do. But I still am clueless to why Laura is the ANTM College Edition 2012. It is beyond unfair! 

She talked a lot about how her parents are successful people from a TV Presenter (Father) and a Model (Mother). She was telling almost all the time that her parents refused to have her in the modeling world therefore she's proving to them that she can be american next top model. She never failed to talk about it which I find it annoying because she tried to gain sympathy. 

When the girls were photo-shooting by the beach in Jamaica, their parents came to visit. Especially Laura's mother, she started to cry hysterically and she even mentioned that she's thankful of Tyra Banks for the opportunity (Laura being a model). 

I love Leila, She's a professional model. She was hurt by a slap from the dolphin but she don't whine and talk about it all episode. She was afraid of the horse after the dolphin incident. She was just afraid and yet she took the challenge to ride on the horse! But It was a pity that she fell from the stairs on the finale fashion show which deducted her mark from winning the title. 

On the other side, Kiara is a strong woman! But she's more like Laura who loves to gain sympathy by talking about her tough life raising her siblings (Annoying much). She walked so well on the fashion show and she took many good pictures and won many challenges. Yet she didn't get to be the winner. This is SIMPLY odd! The best was right in front of you and you picked Laura? Really? On top of that, if you realized something for the fashion show, Laura had the easiest dresses to walk. She did not have the neck covered that wrapped around her neck which also blocked the vision when she walk kinda thing while Leila and Kiara had the hardest. This is just ain't fair. 

So why did Laura get the crown and not Kiara? And as far as I know, many fans out there are actually questioning too! Why Laura and not Kiara? 

I hope the next ANTM is going to be a better one. Who cares about your mother being a model and your dad being a tv presenter laura? Work on your own if you want to be a famous model like Tyra! BooHoo!!!

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