Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Wooloomooloo, Money don't just grows on trees

WoolooMooloo is one of the famous steak house in Singapore. Last weekend, I visited Wooloomooloo prime steak house with my friend and I must say, It was a divine. The talk about steak just kept me drooling when I think about it (You know how we bloggers need to flash-back those time when you had it tastes in your mouth, you had twice the orgasm).

I was proposed to go for a dinner at Wooloomooloo. I thought the name is funny and quirky. It sounded very jungly (in the back of my mind). So I thought maybe this is just going to be another steak house like in America (Diners) where they have steak house near the gas station. Perhaps in Singapore they might have the same interior e.g the the typical seats and tables. I've never been to diners in America but I've seen many in movies :).

Ok, So we arrived at Swissotel The Stamford building and we were looking for directions to Wooloomooloo. It wasn't hard at all as directions given were pretty easy to find. The entrance (to be exact) looked expensive (looks can be deceiving). You can tell by the design of one entrance to another. It was cosy and I felt relaxed and at ease. We waited for perhaps 5-10 minutes for our table to be ready and We got ourselves a table overlooking some tall buildings in Singapore, Beautiful I must add. 

We ordered sparkling water (San Pellegrino) and we were ready to order! I wanted to get Filet Mignon but my friend was thinking maybe the Tomahawk (for 2) would be a better choice (it costs more than what we wanted to order initially), 2 side lines of Sauteed Wild Mushrooms in garlic butter and Mashed potato, 2 glass of wine and we were set! We had to skip starter because we know we wouldn't be able to put everything down the chamber. Save a part of me for dessert ;).

Thank god we didn't have starter because we were given a delicious bread (it was pretty big we could only had a bite of two). We waited for less than 10 minutes for our humongous steak and I was of course, very shocked because it was really BIG! No way in my mind we could finish it. We were chatting and eating at the same time. At some point I've reached the limit where I SHOULD stop eating. I took my time, bit by bit and in the end I gave up. I hand the rest of them to my friend. 

The last bit, the Crème brûlée was delicious! I've never actually ordered Crème brûlée for dessert but I have to say I loved it and it was well done! On the other side, Soufflé wasn't good. We were recommended their best desserts and they are Soufflé  and Wooloomooloo Hot Chocolate Cake. We tried Soufflé and it was a disappointment. But you gotta love Crème brûlée! (One point for Crème brûlée)

One thing we were quite peculiar about wooloomooloo services, The waiter (supervisor-manager-like-in-suit) approached our table without asking if we would like another bottle of sparkling water (We finished the first one) and he just pour another bottle in our glass. I was puzzled because I remembered we FINISHED it and that we DIDN'T order another bottle. PLUS, a proper and well service restaurant has to open a new bottle (regardless it is mineral water or wine) in front of their customers to ensure they are BRAND NEW. Alright Alright, We put this aside because we didn't want to cause any problem. But the least they (or maybe he) could do was to ask. "Money don't just grows on trees" or should I add "My Backyard". We were eating at Wooloomooloo that doesn't mean we are filthy rich that we don't need to be asked whether or not we want another bottle. Silly mistake, they should improve on that.

I'm a meat lover, If I had the chance to try out steak anywhere in Singapore, I'd really want to try out "Cut". What about you? Have you tried Cut before?

(I do not promote Wooloomooloo for my benefit and I do not have any relations whatsoever with Wooloomooloo)

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  1. Pretty good place for Steaks indeed but a bit pricy though :D