Monday, 26 November 2012

Sweetness Over-Dose!

I'm a sweet tooth woman who loves getting down for chocolates. Once I had a sweetness over-dose at Max Brenner and I was very sick I couldn't walk home. Sweet over-dose did not stopped me from visiting Max Brenner and have their chocolate galore again. 

Question is, are you a chocolate lover? I am a chocolate lover especially milk chocolate but I have THAT limit where I know when to stop. I was invited to the fullerton for their chocolate buffet. I haven't been there YET. But I hope one day I'll have my will power to go to that buffet. Remember, I refused to have chocolate over-dose ever again. It felt horrible, trust me you wouldn't want that to happen. 

So, just recently I visited Max Brenner again for the second time. The day before I went to Max, I was craving for Churros for god knows why! I love sugar! The thoughts streaming down my mind on sugary coated desserts just gave me a sugar rush. I googled for best Churros in town but there are a few places I found online but wasn't too keen to try. In the back of my mind I remembered Max Brenner serves Churros. 

It took at least 20-30 minutes for Churros and Souffle to be served. It was indeed a long wait but worth the wait! In my opinion, the serving for Churros are mainly for 2 and definitely not for 1. I couldn't finished it myself and I had to pack them back with me which was also a good thing. The serving comes with 2 types of choco dips (dark, milk or white) and a berry dip. There were at least 8 Churros stick at about S$17.

Souffle was good as usual. Souffle serving comes with a shot of choco cream top, Bottle shaker choco dip, Ice cream at S$17. So much CHOCOLATES in one serving! 

If you haven't tried out Max Brenner for their finest chocolate, check them out at Esplanade and Vivocity. 

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