Thursday, 15 November 2012

The Pros and Cons of Walking

I'm not much of an "Exercise" individual. I don't go to the gym tho I love yoga. The idea of paying hundreds and thousands for classes giving me doubts to even be a member or either one of them. I used to join classes and fitness centre. Just in my opinion and experiences, fitness centre gives expensive package to those who doesn't know how to negotiate and it was a darn bad day for them when I joined (it didn't happen in Singapore). They tried to sell me crazy package but with my sleek move, I did some research before I went to sign up. I got what I wanted and he was surprised that I know so much. Come to think of it, I'd stick to "Walking". 

Walking in Singapore is GOOD! You can walk during the day and night. I always thought to myself and often tell my friends that walking is good for you and your health. But I doubt anyone would buy that because they'd rather take taxi to go home instead of walking (after a long day of shopping). Bear in mind that when I say walk, it means walk with flats (something comfortable) and not heels!

Basically, you can't really lose weight with walking method. But base on my research, it might boost you up a little! A little is better than nothing. So here we go!

The Pros: Walking helps to generally improve your health. It improves your heart health, improves blood flow, strengthens the immune system, increase energy and relieves depression. I know walking gives you sore legs but look at the brighter side, you don't sweat as much as you run. Better yet, you don't normally get injuries easily because you are walking through the same phase and lower impact. According to Dr Lynch, Walking benefits a lot of people especially if they are overweight or have a cardiovascular condition. 

The Cons: I'm aware that if you wanted to lose weight by walking, it is tough. Very tough! Basically, if you walk for 30 minutes you'd probably only burns approximately 150 calories. Aside from not burning enough calories, walking doesn't burn much fat and it only slightly increases metabolism (Better than nothing!). 

There you have it!!! Are you a little bit convinced now (my female friends!). Walking does really good thing if you are not lazy. It requires a lot of hours but walking also gives you firm legs ;). 

"You've got to walk before you run"

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