Thursday, 8 November 2012

Rockin' Soon-To-Be-Mrs-Hemsworth!

Miley Cyrus all grown up, Yes! She was a guest star in a TV series "Two and a half men". Her role suits her very well with her southern accent, that totally gives her 10 more points.

Two and a half men has been one of my favorite TV show for awhile but it gets even better when Ashton Kutcher came in the set (I was never a fan of Ashton). The idea of me watching two and a half men was Jon cryer. He is really a joker in every episodes! Now that Ashton came with his dorky yet smart character, It came to the act really well. I hope to see more good and memorable guest actors/actresses like Miley Cyrus.

The episode did came alive for awhile there. I don't know how many of you are still watching Season 10 but I know for some reason, audience are so used to Charlie Sheen (I was not too fond of his character "playboy brother") as the main character. Yea, he was in for 9 seasons and I get the idea some might go "Boo-Hoo" on Ashton's new character but give it a try. Some might go "WOW" (I'm one of the wow audience).

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