Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Steak - French?

How many of you love French food? There are (IMO) in fact a lot of restaurants in Singapore. Sometimes I had a hard time to pick. 

I guess french main dish would be steak? I don't remember how many french restaurant I've been but I could think of two at the moment and both of them specialized in steak. So I assumed their steak must be the top notch.

I went to Le Bistrot Du Sommelier at Armenian Street (bear in mind that they used to be in Prinsep Street but they have moved to Armenian Street) and as soon as I arrived, we were assigned to our table (Advise: It is best to make a reservation for indoor. IMO, outdoor is too humid and it is always a better idea to go indoor with A/C unless you'd prefer to have an experience). The waiter was very hard working I must say. We were introduced to their special dish of the day with a black board to show us :). 

We started off with sparkling water (as usual), pick our wine and we ordered our food. I love the starter tho. There were pickles, bread and Foie Gras paste-like. It was very delicious (If you love foie gras, you must try). I love bread and I'm a pickle person

Knowing steak would be the safe choice, I went on the other direction instead. I was in the mood to try something new. I couldn't remember the name of the food I picked, It was a meat stew. It came with gravy and carrots too. They are not bad at all but I guess steak would be a better choice. 

Last but not least, I'd always save a little space in my tummy for dessert. You can NEVER say NO to dessert ;). We had a super big Profiteroles that comes in two. I was about to get one dish per-head so I was glad not to make that mistake or we would have a hard time getting it all down the throat. 

If you haven't had the chance or unsure to try out this restaurant, don't hesitate. It is usually crowded so pick your phone and start making reservation :). Le Bistrot Du Sommelier could be a place for a perfect first date ;).

(I do not promote Le Bistrot Du Sommelier for my benefit and I do not have any relations whatsoever with Le Bistrot Du Sommelier)

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  1. I love Profiteroles !!!! My fav desert !!!