Friday, 9 November 2012

Fresh Oysters!!!

I'm a fan of Balzac Bar and Brasserie. They serve delicious fresh oysters (My Favorite). Balzac is a new restaurant in town. Freshly launched sometime this year. The quality of the dishes are somewhat good. If you have BIG appetite for food, I doubt Balzac is a wise one for you but if you can take more than a dish, please help yourself ;).

The portions are basically small (European style). "The smaller the size, the better it tastes". In that case, I'll introduce to you what was on the menu that we picked that could possibly be the famous dish in the restaurant. 

The reason to visit (for myself) is for the delicious oysters. If you love oysters as much as I do, hop to Balzac! 1/2 dozen S$32 and I always go for a dozen for S$52

The Lobster Bisque soup is one of the recommended food available in the restaurant. In my honest opinion, I was not too fond of the soup. The taste was pretty blunt to my liking. 

For some of you who do not wish to take alcohol with the food, I'd like to recommend their "Non-Alcoholic" section in the menu of the "Burgundy". It is very refreshing and for me, It goes well with my food. A glass of Burgundy will costs you S$8. 

When it comes to the main course, the last 2 visits I was very disappointed with my food. It is sometimes good to have some food recommended by the chef but It was an honest mistake. It is not quite up to my taste. I like rich flavor and I thought the steam sea bream would some how change my taste but I have to admit, I don't quite like it at all. The taste was again very blunt. I wouldn't recommend that one :(. BUT on the brighter side, The Cod Fish and Bacon was terrific but portion's way too small. The dish came with potato puree. The potato puree was amazing! They were the softest flavorful potato puree I've ever tasted. Well done on that one!

The Beef Cheeks were soft, well cooked but very small. Boys needed a bigger portion ;). So, let's hope Balzac will add a few more gram on those meat and fish! 

Last but not least, I had a delicious Valrhona Chocolate Moelleux. Oh boy, I can have 2 of that please. It was delicious and the size is perfect, not too big and not too small. It's crazy not to go back to Balzac! If you haven't been there, pick a date and bring a date! 

(I do not promote Balzac Bar and Brasserie for my benefit and I do not have any relations whatsoever with Balzac Bar and Brasserie)

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