Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Best Ramen So Far!

A good ramen is all about the soup/broth! If you have the crave for a bowl of ramen, Ippudo is where I'd recommend. I've been to Ippudo many times and never once had enough of it. There are 2 branch in Singapore located at Orchard road (Mandarin Gallery) and UE Square at River Valley road. 

I, personally preferred Ippudo located at Mandarin Gallery. Though they are the same branch but I find it different. The soup/broth is different! Ramen at Mandarin Gallery are tastier. I assumed one chef may differ from the other. The ambiance at Mandarin Gallery seemed to be better too. 

The Pork Buns are a must to try! Never once I forgot to order this super delicious pork buns. They are so delicate in your mouth! While munching on that one, get a bowl of Bakuretsu Tofu. Spicy tofu and minced pork in a hot plate, what more can you ask for? It is one of the Chef's Recommendation, have a go and you will not regret!

I'd never failed to always order my bowl of Akamaru Shinaji. For those who prefers richer and flavorful and yet mild, try it out but if you preferred spicy, there are another selection for spicy ramen. They are fairly good! In my opinion, I really think Original Tonkotsu are rather blunt. I didn't get it because it's so darn original that you don't taste anything but a really normal soup. 

Check out the place if you haven't. You'd be surprised with what they can offer you ;). 

 For readers who don't eat pork, I apologize :). 

(I do not promote Ippudo for my benefit and I do not have any relations whatsoever with Ippudo)

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