Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Carpaccio - Italian!

Oso Ristorante serves a memorable dishes. Not just the dish but the concept of the restaurant is good. They have both bar and indoor and semi outdoor restaurant. I made a reservation to be outdoor. We were assigned in the corner, good spot I might say (more private space for my friends and I). But before we get to the chase, we had a drink by the bar (1st floor). Very artsy with many paintings on the wall which I find it very cosy and warm. Try out their French Mojito. They are pretty good ;).

While waiting for our dishes, Oso served a fresh baked bread with olive oil and vinegar. DELICIOUS! (I often get bloated before I started my main so I'm always careful with the bread even tho I love it). 

I started off with thinly sliced beed tenderloin (Carpaccio) with black truffle puree, I love meat (quoted in my previous post) but if I had the chance to have a better appetizer, I wouldn't mind trying. They are again "Delicious". And since I've had meat to start, I picked Fish as my main. I had a pan fried sea bass with mix mushroom sauce and parsley potato. IMO, they are just ok. I wouldn't say its D-licious! Perhaps I could have picked other type of fish instead of sea bass, I'm just saying :). 

While sipping through a bottle of good red wine and san pellegrino, we decided to order the desserts. To me, a nice decoration plays an important role in serving pretty desserts. Oso plays that part very well. I had the 70% hot dark chocolate tart with milk ice cream while my friend had pears with honey - white and dark chocolate ice cream. My friend loved mine better than the pears. So there were on and off feedback. Overall, I wouldn't hesitate to go back and try out other food from them ;).

(I do not promote Oso for my benefit and I do not have any relations whatsoever with Oso)

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