Thursday, 8 November 2012

Set back in the 1998

I've just finished watching 90's movie titled "Return to Paradise". It was set in 1998 played by Vince Vaughn, Joaquin Phoenix and Anne Heche. I was very much into drugs related movies (I don't do such things) and my favorites are Requiem for a dream (2000), Brokedown palace (1999) and Limitless (2011).

The starting of Return to paradise was pretty slow and too much jibber-jabbers between Vince and Anne's relationship. I'd love to see more act for Joaquin as he's the victim in the movie for drugs usage. I used to live in Penang, Malaysia in the year 1998 but I don't remember it looked so old.

I'm not sure how many of you have watched this movie but I'm just gonna give a brief summary about the movie. 3 american men travelled to malaysia for some fun (party, drugs and women), 2 ended back in the states and 1 decided to stay to prolong his journey to "paradise". 2 years later, he was caught with drugs and as we all "know" malaysia was and still is strict in terms of drugs.

The 2 men decided to take the courageous act by flying down to Malaysia to save his friend and ended up one of the guy flew back to the states (save himself from all the trouble) and another joined in to the prison. Sadly, they lost the case and his friend had to be executed.

IMO for this movie, it's just ironic when the malaysian judge decided to call it off. They were just using drugs, they weren't trafficking. I think executing tourists are a major concern to the society. The only reasonable punishment would be imprisonment but definitely not execution. Over a silly news in the newspaper, the judge decided to change his decision. Seriously!?

The movie was good - towards the end tho. Joaquin did a superb acting! He had me almost in tears. I can't imagine anyone was treated that way in malaysia prison. Oh well, I hope they aren't true (part where he had to drink with a tap water).

I recommend this movie but you need patience.

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