Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Is He For Real?

Another victim or it's just another fairy tale that goes either awfully wrong or a happy ending? The famous Hongkong actor, Edison Chen are famous for his sex scandal tapes with various famous female celebrity in HK. None other than Cecelia cheung, Bobo chan, Gillian chung and many more. Jeopardizing many celebs life, Edison flee himself to many country BUT HK. 

Edison's partners are mostly beautiful, even the new one too! Edison and Angela has been dating for only 5 months and he announced about getting married to her. Well, he was drunk then! Angela is taiwanese-korean, no doubt that she's a good looking girl and that Edison has eyes all over her ;). 

But how long is this going to last forever? She's 22 years old and there's so many things in life ahead of her and why is she dumb enough to even wanna be Edison's new beau? After the crazy scandals about Edison, he made many moves with another girls AGAIN and tape them. Question is, Will he ever change for the sake of his future? Is he gonna be shagging the whole life with no purpose in life but only to shag and tape? What's wrong with this people?

I know people deserves a second chance but I think Edison has his many chances. 5 months into the new relationship and he's thinking of marrying her. Ohlala... wake up Edison and stop ruining women's life!

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